Oct 142010

Hi everybuddy!  Ernie here!!
Thanks for all the birthday wishes for our mom!
She really appreciated it!!

YAY!  It’s Garden Day again!!

 Most of our summer flowers are gone now…
So mom put out some new flowers and plants for fall.

C’mon…I’ll show you!!

These are out on the patio…

Uh oh!!
Looks like the vishus deer’s been munching on this one!!

This is the other side of the patio…

I like the color of this one!!

These are on the front porch…
Mom just watered them…it just looks like they peed.

And here’s the front door!!

 And me…napping inside!!
(Hi mom!)

Hope you enjoyed seeing our fall flowers!!

Click HERE to visit Feline Master Gardener Jonesie
and other kitties in their gardens!!

  36 Responses to “Thursday in Our Garden”

  1. We really enjoyed your garden tour, and we especially loved seeing you napping!

  2. Hi Ernie,

    Beautiful fall flowers, your house looks great!!

  3. Wow, those a gorgeous Mums. Your patio and your front door sure do look great. We did not know that Mums peed. Interesting facts.MOL
    Take care and have a great Thursday.

  4. Hi Ernie!!! Whoopee mums and pumpkins our favorite fall decorations..well until we saw your sweet face at the end!!!
    Happy Day,

  5. Ernie, you are full of amazing information today. Do you think the mums need a litter box?

  6. Your fall flowers look fabulous! (How’s that for alliteration? LOL.) Your front step looks wonderful — now we are wishing our own mom wasn’t such a slacker with the gardening and fall decor!

  7. Bonjour dear friends,
    Your garden is adorable with those lovely flowers and Autumn decoration!Thanks so much for sharing these pictures!

  8. You patio and porches look FANTASTIC~!!! Mom just LOVES mums! And she really loves your Pumpkin Pot. You have a super snooze!

  9. What beautiful flowers and how great your window looks out over them. Our grandma has the green thumb…mom says she is lucky she can’t kill the impatiens in the summer (though not for lack of trying sometimes).

  10. Doze is so beeeeeyoutiful!!!!! And you are furry kyoot too.

    Luf, Us

  11. Your front porch looked beautiful – your mom has done a lovely arrangement of things. We could see you snoopervising through the window – were you checking up on her to make sure she was doing it right?

  12. What a pretty patio! Those flowers are very vibrant, and you are, too!

  13. I really think your front porch is so cool too!!!

  14. Very pretty fall flowers!

  15. Those flowers are all so pretty…I love mums! Your decorations for fall at the front door are great too. And of coure, Ernie is looking beautiful in the window!

  16. Your Mum’s Mums are gorgeous! You really have a beautiful entry-way too. The trick or treaters are going to love coming to your house!

  17. Hi Ernie,

    Those flowers are beautiful, but you are just as gorgeous!

    You should totally have your Mom submit pics of you to the Lifetime Companions and Co-Stars Photo Contest.

    The contest ends at noon on October 14th, so I’m trying to spread the word to all my favorite cats (and your human bean readers)! Just upload your photo and you could win everything from cash to a one-year supply of cat food:).

    Check out all the details here:
    Companions and Co-Stars Photo Contest


    Thanks and best of luck:).

  18. We loved your Fall flowers…….the Fall colors are our favs!!!!!!

    Ernie, didn’t your mom know she should have taken you out to snoopervise her???????

    Have a beautiful day dear friends.

  19. hee hee…we think the peeing flowers are funny! The mums are gorgeous…and so are you Ernie. Good work keeping an eye on your Mom, they need watching!

  20. We hope your mom had a wonderful birthday! Your fall flowers are very beautiful! You did a great job snoopervising your mom fixing up your garden Ernie.

  21. Hi Ernie!

    Wowo what a beautiful fall garden everything is so lovely.
    We are sorry to wished missing your Mom a happy purrday — we send our
    wishes belatedly!


  22. Your flowers and pumpkins look PAWSOME, Ernie! Thanks for the great tour. 🙂

  23. That looks really pretty! My human has no talent for any of this – it mystifies her how some people are so good at putting decorative touches together like that.

  24. Wow what a great garden post – those are pretty flowers! And we think we like the ones you like the color of the best Ernie – we like the color a lot too! And we like the little black cat in the other flowers! They all look so festive! But our favorite picture is of you in the window!!

  25. How festive!! I really like your porch arrangement and the pumpkin basket…so cute!

  26. You sure have some nice colorful Mums! We have some sittin in the basement waitin to be planted outside, but now its rainin again…

  27. Very pretty garden..so colorful !!!!

  28. Vishus deer are EVERYWHERE!!! Dey even here! But your mommy has a beautiful garden ready for the season. Thank you for the tour, sweet Ernie.

  29. I thought about putting out fall flowers since the summer ones died, but didn’t do it. Now that I see your beautiful array of colours, I regret it.

    Great idea for an instant fall garden, though — in pots! That’s my kind of gardening! And the pumpkins are a nice seasonal touch, too.

    Ernie seems quite intrigued by it all, so I think he approves.

  30. Ernie, your Mom’s flowers are just soooo beautiful, maybe our Momma should get some mums for our deck! And you have the purrfect napping spot to watch your Mom, even though you were peeking at her instead of napping … hee hee!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  31. I just love all the flowers! Especially the orange ones! Very halloween!

  32. Beautiful, colorful blooms everywhere; such a lovely, cheerful garden tour, handsome Ernie…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  33. Beautiful flowers. We love all the colors and the jack-o-lantern pot. Our mom has flower envy, mol!

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  34. OMC! How beautiful! It looks like something out of a magazine! We bet all those purrty flowers and pumpkins came from your daddy’s store.

  35. It’s nice to see all those lovely beautiful flowers!

  36. All those flowers are looking beautiful.

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