Oct 042010

 Ernie!  Whatcha doin’ back there??
You better not be sniffing my butt!!

Nah…I wasn’t gonna do somethin’ stupid like that, Wally!!

 I was gonna bite your butt!!

Y’know…he can be real annoying sometimes….


  43 Responses to “Annoying Mancat”

  1. That expression on Wally’s face is priceless. You tell him Wally… No sniffing and no biting…. Those are the rules.

  2. I’ve got girlcats sniffing my butt around here, which isn’t much better, surprisingly. Your face tells it all, Wally!


  3. Isn`t it just terrible to have someone sniffing your butt when you`re trying to be all stealthy???

  4. Ernie, you crack me up!

  5. I agree. Your face, Wally, tells us exactly what you are thinking and we couldn’t agree more that your brother is a extremely nosy!

  6. Brothers! Aren’t they wonderful?!

  7. MOL! That’s what brofurs are for!

  8. We loved the expression on your face Wally – it was worth a thousand words. Tell Ernie to sniff his own butt!!

  9. Ha ha Wally, your face tells the entire story. It’s priceless.

  10. Wally,
    Ernie is a pain in the buttocks sometimes LOL!!!! Brothers can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

  11. Oh Ernie, go ahead and do it!!!!!

  12. Ernie, you are a devil … hee hee! Time to whap him Wally!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  13. Oh we have so much butt sniffing at our house! Mom says she doesn’t understand why because we all eat the same food and we all stay inside. It’s a cat thing, of course she wouldn’t understand!

  14. it’s your own fault wally. if you wouldn’t have such a tempting butt, ernie would leave you alone…

  15. That’s a good way to dust off the top of the fridge!
    Happy Monday!

  16. Yoor expression says it all!

  17. A HA HA HA…your face is PRICELESS!

  18. Hahahaha! We say bite him, Ernie! 😛

  19. You two mancats are so funny (and very cute on top of the fridge)!

  20. Careful, Ernie, he may toot!

  21. Just tell him, whatever he does will come back around to him in “spades”.

  22. Ho boy, Wally, do I ever know what you mean!!

    Your friend, Fuzzy

  23. MOL, too funny. You tell him Wally. We will have no sniffing or biting. Really. Hope all of you have a grand week.

  24. Well, you know Wally, if you back your butt up to your brofur you never know what could happen! Just sayin.

  25. It’s OK, he is just covering your back!

  26. Wally’s face is so funny!! I’d look like that too if I suspected someone was going to bite my butt!!

  27. We have to worry about that around here with Ichiro!

  28. Funny idea Wally!I like a lot your pictures, you know how to have lots of fun climbing there!This spot is cool dear friends!

  29. Now that did make us smile.. MOL.. Great post.. HUgs GJ x

  30. You boys crack me up sometimes!! Thanks for the laugh!

  31. Wally, my mommy is laughing at the expression of your face.

  32. OH dear Wally we hope you didn’t get a butt bite


  33. …looks like that fridge isn’t big enough for the two ‘outlaws’ in town…

  34. Haha! You do look annoyed Wally.

  35. Wally, you really need to keep an eye on that Ernie, don’t you?

  36. You guys are hilarious! Our Mom is laughing real hard:)

  37. MOL MOL MOL Yoo know we hate it when I is Jake! sniffs our butts too – thats a no go area fer us here.

  38. What is it with kitties and butt sniffing? I’d swear they actually ENJOY it!

    heh heh.

    MomKat Trish

  39. You boys are so funny! Wally, the expression on your face is priceless.

  40. You look so mad Wally – he must be really pestering you!

  41. You do look annoyed. Jack is annoying his sister today too.

  42. Mawhawhaw! That’s what goes on between my brothers too!
    We saw Kenji pinning Yuji down the other day with only one paw, not letting him get up at all!

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