Easy E Sunday

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Oct 032010

Hmmmmm…if I’m gonna use this as a hiding spot…
I better get me a bigger boogie mat!!

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  1. Ernie, are you there somewhere? We think so but we cant see ya…

  2. Where’s Ernie? We know he’s somewhere in this post……

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  3. Oh, yes, you definitely need a bigger boogie mat!

  4. Hee hee…that pic makes me giggle. I love it when cats think they are well-hid and their big fuzzy butts are sticking out!

  5. Well Ernie if you want to cover up your rear section, you do need a bigger boogie mat. But we sure don’t mind seeing the back part. Have a great Sunday.

  6. Weeeeeeee seeeeeeee yooooooou! Only just though.

  7. It is a great boogie mat Ernisbut if you want to fly off on it we think you ought to ask your mom for a larger one.

  8. That boogie mat is just the right size Ernie! MOL!

  9. Ernie you and Madi are oblivious to your actual size…she still believes the old saying if a cat’s head fits it a place so will the rest of her body……
    She is Queen of D-enial!!!

  10. Oh, you are cute, Ernie! Is that a shrinking boogie mat, like those shrinking boxes? Good luck with your hiding 🙂

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  11. Or two boggie mats! a front and a rear!

  12. Definitely need a bigger mat Ernie!

  13. Hey, a bigger mat would be way cool!

  14. That is certainly a very innovative use for a Boogie Mat!

  15. Mawhawhaw! That boogie mat looks so awesome!!!

  16. Ernie, you crack us up! Seeing you always makes my mom miss her house panther – but I say, pictures are better!!

    Your friend, Fuzzy

  17. I can only see you a little – LOL!

  18. Cool mat Ernie, we love it just the way it is.

  19. Yes, Ernie, or two of them, but you look very cute this way!

  20. We see you peeking out from under the mat there!! I won’t tell anyone I see your hindsides too!

  21. Do they make boogie mats in extra long to cover tails? We think you need that size. You sure are cute though!

  22. Ernie! Your, um, booty is sticking out!
    Like, a LOT!

  23. Ernie, the important thing is your head! If you can’t see out, that means you are invisible!

  24. Stopping by on the blog hop… great photo!

  25. Yeah–I’m thinking a bigger mat. Enjoy!

  26. MOL that’s our fav spot too =^_^=

  27. So cute – yup – you need a bigger mat for sure.

  28. LOL..Good spot for hiding…so bright and colorful : )

  29. Haha?! You are supposed to be on it not under it!

  30. Boogie mats should be in different sizes, like Playing size and Hiding size.

  31. Shake that booty, Ernie! And get a bigger mat 😉

  32. Ernie, you can borrow my boogie mat to hide the parts of you still showing.


  33. Sooooo funny!

  34. very artsy pose…cat (mostly) under mat…

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