Jan 172008

Since starting this blog, other cats¬†have contacted us wanting to be an Island Cat (because every cat wants to be an Island Cat! ūüôā ).¬† So we have started the¬†Island Cat Club.¬† There are only¬†three requirements to becoming a member…

  1. you must be a cat, 
  2. you must live on an island, and
  3. you must be spoiled rotten like an Island Cat should be.

Otherwise, you are a Wannabe.

Friends of ours, Dave and Sondra, who also live on Grosse Ile, are owned by these two furrbabies, Misha and Uluru (aka “Roo”).¬† Misha (on the right)¬†is a Tonkinese and Roo (on the left)¬†is a Birman.


Let’s see…they are cats, they live on an island and…just look at those two…don’t they look spoiled rotten???!??¬† Welcome to the Club, Misha and Roo!!!!¬† ūüôā

If you are a spoiled cat who happens to live on an island (big or small)…you can be an Island Cat, too.¬† Send your photo to blkcatgal@gmail.com to become a member of¬†the¬†Island Cat Club! ¬†No membership fee required!

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  1. Need a cat fix – can Misha and Roo vacation at my house? They are so beautiful!!

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