Sep 242010

They say summer is over
but the weather’s still been nice the last few days
so I’m getting some windowtime in.
I hope those boycats don’t try to take my window away from me.

If they do, I’m gonna push them off into the sink.
Yep, that’s what I’m gonna do!

 Too bad the sink’s not filled with water…
That would be even better!

Uh oh!  I think I hear them coming now!!
They aren’t gonna get my window!!

  49 Responses to “Formerly Feral – My Window”

  1. Defend your territory Zoey!

  2. You know Zoey…A window is one of my favorite spots!
    You are such a doll!
    purrs and happy Friday

  3. Don’t let those boys push you around, little lady!

  4. Zoey good plan!!! Don’t let those boys take advantage of you.
    Remember girls rule boys drool!!!
    Madi and Mom

  5. We love the windows, too. Sometimes we get an open window in the winter time.
    We hope you can keep yours!!
    ~ Timothy

  6. any respect for a ladycat?

  7. Hang on to that window with all your might, girl! I’m cheering for you!

  8. Zoey – take a course in karate then you can deal with those brothers of yours once and for all. Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx Yey for girl cat power!!

  9. Stand your ground (or sill) Zoey! GURL POWER~!!!

  10. how you gonna enjoy the open window if you’re worried about the boys?

  11. Haha! You won’t have any nonsense from the boys will you.

  12. Defend your window. It does not look too hard to turn on the water.

  13. Zoey, we’re glad you got the window seat! The rotten black cat who lived here before we got our Zoe used to chase me away from the windows. But now that I’m the senior cat, I think I will get first dibs! Or maybe we can even share.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  14. Stand your ground, er window, Zoey!!

  15. If they get near your window give them a smackdown–that’s what I do! Ladycat power! ~Lizzie

  16. You know, it wouldn’t take much effort on your part to get some water in that sink. A gentle tap with your paw on that faucet and those boycats would get a real surprise!


  17. I am not allowed in the kitchen window–something about not being on the counters…You are lucky. Our kitchen has a good view. I hope you hold on that!

  18. Zoey, don’t let those silly boys take your window. We wish you could fill the sink up with water too. We would love that picture of one of them falling in. Hope you kept them away.
    Have a great day and a better week end.

  19. MOL!!!!!!!!!! You could always turn on the water and fill the sink, Zoey!!!!!

    We are really envious when we see your open windows….our air conditioner is still running and running and running……we’re hoping sometime next month we will be able to have open windows again!!!!


  20. Stand your ground. Fight for your window!

  21. Better run the waters in those sinks just to be on the safe side Zoey.

  22. I think Domino knows how you feel Zoey! You can’t help but get that ‘sinking’ feeling when you hear the boys around.

  23. Just remember, Zoey, GIRLS RULE! Show those boys the Claw!

  24. Yoo sure are TUFF ~ we wouldn’t try to take it off yoo. No way Ho-say!

  25. Zoey, we don’t think those boys would dare take your window away from you! Hope you get to enjoy a few more days of open window weather!

  26. Zoey, us Lady Cat’s have the plan and the means! Show them whose the one who has the NOW! They can share later, Lady Cat’s first.

  27. Tasha says to just manifest a little “Torbietude”, Zoey – it really works! (She can chase boys out of the window just by looking at them.)

  28. You definitely should not share that window! You claimed it, it’s yours, case closed.

  29. You tell them sweet Zoey!

  30. Go Zoey! We think you are smart to push them into the sink if they try to steal your window!! You have to show them who is in charge!

  31. That’s right Zoey
    It’s a woman’s prerogative to have the window seat.


  32. Zoey, I’m willing to bet they didn’t get your window. That’s a great window by the way. What a lovely way to spend the day!

  33. You sit strong, there, Zoey, and give your brofurs what for if they try stealin your window! We like your idea of pushing them into the sink ;-/ Have a great weekend!

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  34. Zoey, you just take your stand and don’t let any one get your window. We thought we would be in nice fall weather but summer will be back for next week. Suppose to hit a 100 on Monday. Hope you have a great weekend.


  35. From Delilah, Iris, and Auntie Stinkie:

    Do not, Zoey, do NOT let those boycats get up in your window! Boycats are silly and all they do is sleep and eat. Well, and pee and barf too! So yes, go ahead, feel free to push them in the sink, ‘cuz that’s the only reasonable thing to do!!!

    Love Iris, Delilah, and Auntie Stinkie

  36. Dat is a pretty great window perch you have. Our windows don’t have any sills, so I have to sit inside the window. M puts towel in there so it’s not quite so bumpy. I love it when the windows are open.

  37. Hey, that’s YOUR window, Zoey. You show those mancats who’s boss!

  38. Tee hee, you tell ’em Zoey!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  39. It is hard when they outnumber you. Stand your ground!

  40. Windows are the perfect chill out spot! One of my Parentals just caught me chillaxing by the window and it is up on my blog!

  41. Awesome lookout. I like that you have a moat to ward off intruders to your post.


  42. That’s cool sit on the edge of window, you must have a well balance : )

  43. Show those boys how tough a girl can be!

  44. I’d really like to see a picture of how Wally & Ernie looked after you smote them with your mighty paws, Zoey!

  45. I have the link to your blog to my special page call ” We Support Rescued Breed ” I hope you don’t mind : )

    Everyday Mr Puddy

  46. Hold you sill and defend your window space!

  47. Don’t let those boys get that window!!!!!

  48. Zoey! Just use your feminine wiles! … But of course if that doesn’t work, by all means, knock them into the sink!!

  49. You go, Zoey. Don’t let those boys take your window. Knock them in the sink, then turn on the water. That’ll fix ’em.

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