Sep 222010

I was gonna post something funny today…
but then I heard that our furiend Sniffie
went to Rainbow Bridge yesterday.

And it made me sad and I don’t feel like being funny now.

Sniffie and the rest of the Florida Furkids were some of the first cats we met when we started blogging.  We’re sure gonna miss her.  We send comforting purrs and headbutts to her family, ‘specially her mom, who are really missing her. 

Godspeed, Sweet Sniffie!!

  37 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. It’s a difficult moment indeed, very sad.
    All my purrs and prayers for the sweet Sniffie and her family.

  2. We have a big sad too…we loved Sniffie.

  3. We know how you feel, Wally! Sniffie was such a sweetie and we know we’re all going to miss her very much. We are sending big purrs to her family

  4. We will miss Sniffie – she was a beautiful lady cat and one of our first friends on the CB too.

  5. It’s sad news today 🙁

  6. We agree ~ we wouldn’t have felt like larfing either. We will miss yoo Sniffie.

  7. Wally bless your heart…you are such a sweet sensitive kitty.
    I am so sorry about Sniffie.

    Hugs Madi

  8. We are all saddened about Sniffie running to The Bridge. What a lovely post.

  9. It’s definitely another one of those tough days in the CB. Sniffie was one of my first furriends on the CB and I will definitely miss her.

  10. We didn’t know Sniffie but we are sorry for her friends and family. We know she will be missed. *headbonks*

  11. We’re very very sad that Sniffie had to leave!

  12. we are so very sad about Sniffe. our the mom leaks efurry time she sees her pikshur

  13. Our hearts are filled with sadness too, it’s a difficult time in the CB. Many purrs and much Light to mom Sharon and her family.

  14. For some reason I didn’t know Sniffie until just before she went to the Bridge. She obviously had a large circle of devoted friends. I am sure she is well and happy at the Bridge but I am so sad for her family left behind to miss her.

  15. I know her mom and dad are so sad. My mom’s eyes leaked every time she saw that about sweet Sniffie thru the CB. We didn’t get a chance to meet Sniffie and her mom but we are very sad for her family. Lots of love to them.

  16. We are very sad, too, Wally!

  17. We will miss our furiend Sniffie, too.
    ~ The Bunch

  18. That’s such sad news!

  19. Oh Wally, you’re all leaky too, wiping away your tears.

    We will miss Sniffie too. Such a beautiful friend.

  20. Wally we are sad about Sniffie too. We will miss her lots – mom gets leaky every time she sees a post about her.

  21. Oh Wally that is such a great picture. We are very sad about Sniffie too. But she is free now and not hurting any more, just missing her family as they are missing her. We will miss Sniffie too.

  22. Awww, soft paw. It’s so hard to lose a dear friend!

  23. We were quite sad about Sniffie.

  24. Oh noes! Now our eyes are leaking all over again after seeing how sad you are Wally. It’s so hard losing long time friends.

  25. Nice that you gave your post today to Sniffie in her memory. We are sad for her family.

  26. Aww Wally you’re such a sweetie. Sniffie always loved your funny posts and so do we. Mom is having a hard time visiting blogs and commenting right now but she wanted to let you know how much she appreciates your kind words and your love for Sniffie.

    The Florida Furkids and Mom Sharon

  27. Yep, we’ve been very sad too, we’re sure missing that gal.

  28. We dint know Sniffie, but she sure seems to have had a lot of friends. Thats good.

  29. It is a sad day.. HUgs GJ xx

  30. We are really sad today too. We’re missing Sniffie very much but will need some cheering up from you soon!

  31. We are all sad about Sniffie and sad for her Mom and Dad.
    We are purrin for them.


  32. We are sad about Sniffie too, Wally.

  33. We are very sad about Sniffie too.

  34. We were sad to find out that Sniffie went to the bridge as well. She & the Florida Furkids were some of the first kitties we met when we first started blogging as well. She will be missed terribly.

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay

  35. Aw, Wally. It’s good to feel sad for our furiends. We know Sniffie would want you to be happy again soon, though, Wally.

  36. Oh Wally, we also are very sad for Sniffie leaving, especially for his family. ……

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