Sep 192010

‘Tis Meow Like a Pirate Day!!  Arrrrrrrr!!!


Ahoy, Mateys!!
I’m Mad Blackbeard Wally and this be Evil Neck Snapper Ernie!!

What be that parrot doin’ on yer back, Mad Blackbeard??

Aye, I don’t know, Neck Snapper…
but if it doesn’t move soon, I’ll be puttin’ the bitey on it!  Garrrr!

 Whar be that wench, the Bloody Mistress of Death Zoey??

She be sleepin’ in her ham-mick, Mad Blackbeard!!

 Tell her t’ brin’ us some catnip rum!!

 You mancats get yer own rum!!

Aye, she be a wild one, Neck Snapper!!!

 That she be, Mad Blackbeard…that she be!!

  36 Responses to “We’re Meowin’ Like Pirates!”

  1. Batten down the hatches! What a cute trio of seadogs ye be! Yo ho ho and a bottle of nip!

  2. MOL! That ber bein’ a mighty funny post. ARR!

  3. You crack us up. We are laughing like pirates.

  4. We’re with AFSS – we’re laughing like pirates too!!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  5. Madi says to tell Zoey WAY TO GO GIRLFRIEND!!!

    We love your eye patch/pink hat look and are quite certain it will be tops on the fall must have list!!!


  6. Where’s ye rum? Yo ho yo ho a pirate needs his rum!

  7. We really loved your post today and we were laughing and laughing at you all.
    We hope you get lots of treasures (or treats)!

  8. Y’all sure do make a mighty fine bunch of pirates!

  9. The beard and eye patch are too much!! I love it! Arrrrrr…..

    Catladyland/Katt Food

  10. Mol! Arrrrr! Ye all be fine pirates. And way to go Bloody Mistress of Death Zoey – you tell ’em!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  11. Lovely post.. Great job Hugs GJ xx

  12. Ahoy Mateys!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Haha! We laughed at Blackbeard! You guys look so scary!

  14. Avast a fearsome gang o’pirates ye be!

  15. Ahoy ye mates!! Let’s set sail for the Isle of Tempatations!

  16. Being of “the island” we suspect there are many opportunities for any one of you to be “on the plank”… so watch out! Beware! And go easy on the rum-nip!
    PS from Zoey to Zoey: I want your pink hat!!!

  17. Ahoy mateys! Can you send the good ship Island Cats t’ help rid our place of a mutt?

    I be ready t’ make mom an’ dad keel haul th’ plank fer bringin’ homeport a scurvy dog.



  18. That Nip rum sounds very good. Enjoyed the laughs

  19. Yer all three great pirates! Great names too! Arrrr!

  20. yar-har-har-har-har! ye lot be fair funny, in truth! (an’ we likes the cut o’yer jib, lass–ye obviously remembers there were female pirate cap’ns! you go, girlcat!)

  21. Arr! That was arrr funny! Yo ho!

  22. MOL, what a bunch of pirates there. You three are very scary or at least we are scared. Love the patch on Zoey. You three are the best pirates ever. Have a good day and hope you find that rum.

  23. Arrrrgh! Happy Meow Like a Pirate Day!

  24. Arrrrrrrghhhhhhhhh!! Ye be a fine bunch o pirates!!!!!
    Capt’n Zoey holdin her own with the Manpirates 😉 heehee

    YAR!! Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  25. wow funny! You are adorable!
    purrs and love

  26. Meowrrrrrrrrrrr, boys! Hey Wally! You should SEE how big your namesake is getting 😉


  27. You guys are pawesome pirates! Love your pink hat Zoey! Did the parrot the get bitey?

  28. You kitties make awesome pirates! Thank you so much for stopping by to see us and give us such a warm welcome – you made us smile lots!

  29. Aye she be a fine wench!
    We say the sooner ye puts the bitey on that bird the better.
    He’ll fly around and poop on ye deck then ye lads will have cleanin’ chores to do!
    Our Pirate post is up now too, stop by.

  30. Garrr yer ferocious pirates for sure. That scurvy parrot needs putting in a pot.

  31. Arr!! They be great pictures of um, you all!! (we weren’t really sure how to say that in pirate talk!! MOL!)

    Have a great pirate day!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay 🙂

  32. you all are looking pretty great as pirates. Would you believe my humans made me miss out on the fun. Claim they were too busy. Sigh!

  33. aye! get yer own rum mancats! YARRRRR

  34. Aaaaarghhh, Willow th’ Wicked n’ I would surely help t’ put th’ bitey on that bird wit’ ye! Then let’s get some o’ that rum!

    Hearty Purrrrrrrrrrrrrs, China Cat

  35. Yer OUTSTANDING PIRATES! Congrats…

  36. Oh, you all look great!! And you gots your own birdie, too!

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