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Hey, everybuddy!!  We’re back!!  Mom made it home yesterday.  She says she had a really good time with her girlfriends.  They ate a lot, drank a little and talked A LOT!!

But if she thinks she had fun…just look at how much fun we had with the Dad-Guy while she was gone!!

 The first night was Barbecue Night!
Look…we each got our own dinner!!

Mmmmmm…this barbecue sauce sure smells good!!
Now where’s my pulled pork???

The next night was Fiesta Night!!
With whipped cream for dessert!!!

I don’t know what to eat first…dinner or dessert!!

So, mom…we may have missed you while you were gone, but we sure ate good!!!  😉

Disclaimer:  During the making of this post, no cat ate or drank anything he or she was not supposed to!  Can’t say the same about Dad-Guy!

  48 Responses to “Finally Friday – Mom’s Home!”

  1. Yay! Mom’s home! We hope she had a good time, but it looks like you guys had a food fest!

  2. I think my dad would like to stay with you guys… that’s his kinda food and drink!

  3. Welcome back Mom, sounds like you had a super time. So, Ernie and Wally and Zoey, did you three have a beer or just the Dad guy??? Is anyone telling. The good news is that all the beers are still there. What great food and especially whipped cream for desert. What fun that Dad guy is.
    Hope all you Island cats have a fantastic week end

  4. LOL! It looks like you ALL had a great time, which is all that matters. Welcome back to your mom! 🙂

  5. The Dad-Guy has excellent taste with food!But it’s good your mom is back home.
    We’re sure you’re going to restore her smell all through the weekend.
    Siena 6 Chilli

  6. We hope you mom approved of your “diet” while she was away. Your dad spoiled you with all those nommy foods.

  7. WOW~!!! Next time your mom goes away, can we come over and chill with you and your dad???

  8. Oh yoo are SO lucky! Dad time always means take-away food, treats, Sport on TV, and no house-werk! Wot fun!

  9. Oh wow!!!! Next time my mom goes away and we get stuck, I mean we get to stay alone with dad, we are going to show dad these pictures. Your dad really knows how to party and order take out!!!!

  10. The dad-guy is a hoot!! Glad the mom made it home safely…I’m sure she needs some snuggles now.

  11. Lucky cats getting to have such special people-food! Hey, looks like the beer is different the second night – Dad polished off all 6 of the Miller -Lites in one night? Or did he have a friend to help him? I am sure you kitties would not have helped!

  12. You guys are so lucky to have all that yummy stuff. We’re glad that you mum is home now.

  13. Looks like you had fun while your Mom was out of town! *burp*!

  14. You all have been partying it up while your mom was gone!

  15. YAY!!!!!!!! We’re happy your mom is home, but looks like she has a lot to live up to when it comes to feeding you now!!!!!!!!! Your dad did himself proud in taking care of you!!!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend…..xxxxxxxxxxxx

  16. Hmmm that stuffs look delicious, I’m also curious here!
    I think you will have a cool party because there is so many food! 🙂

  17. I can almost smell that good stuff from here! Y’all have a great weekend!

  18. So if you guys were eating like that, what was *mom* having? Oysters and caviar? We’re glad she enjoyed her girl time!

  19. MOL Ernie and Wally and Dad!!!
    Sometimes we have to travel places in our minds that our bodies can’t go and this was one find mind trip…
    Glad mom is back and had fun!!
    Madi and Mom

  20. Your Dad guy could be ours’ twin!

  21. We’re glad your mom is home but it sure looks like your dad took really good care of you while she was gone! Hope you still get pulled pork and whipped cream even though she’s home!

  22. Welcome back to your mom! And here we were feeling all sorry for you guys! Can your dad come and take care of us the next time our mom goes away?

  23. Let us know the next time your mom goes out of town and we will come over! Your dad knows how to treat cats right!

  24. Welcome back. Looks like there was a lot of “take out” going on. he he

  25. Not only did you get take-out, you each got your own container! Wow. Maybe having our moms leave isn’t such a bad idea after all. We’re glad she’s back safe and sound and had a great time though.

    I would love to get my paws on that whipped cream!!

  26. Welcome home to your mom and I think it’s a lot of fun to be with Dad guy while she’s gone. I would love a little of that in my life. Mom is just so predictable with my diet, No really yummy noms. I hope you had dessert first. Did Dad put a lime piece into the Corona?

  27. Hurrah! Your Mom is home!

    Wow! Will your Dad Kitty sit us? We want some of those great noms! Johnson loooves chips. And everything else.

    And we hope you got a mound of whip cream on a plate.

  28. Ooooo! You guys are ever so lucky to get your own dinner parcel!


  29. It looks like you had a great time while your human was away! I hope the dad-guy had nip for you all to go with his beer!

  30. It’s always nice to have Mom come home, but it looks like you guys did okay while she was away!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  31. Dad’s are the best at spoiling us when Mom is gone

  32. We are glad your mum is back and had a good time, but it looks like you all had the very best time.

  33. When the mom is away, the cats and dad will play!

  34. Mol! Glad your mom is back – looks like you didn’t miss her too terribly ;-/

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  35. I’ll say!
    Your Dad is a great parent!


  36. The next time our mom goes out of town, we would LOVE to have your dad as our cat-sitter. It looks like he took very good care of you.

  37. Love the special leftovers fer the kitties!

  38. Wooohoo, you guys sure got spoilt! Tell your dad not to overdo it. He’ll get fat!Good that your mom had a great time away and is now back with you.

    Thanks for coming to my party. Great to have so many visiting and partying in my little garden.

  39. Glad your Mom is home, but it looks like you guys had a party while she was away :)…Happy holiday weekend, sweet friends…kisses…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  40. Oh MAN, now I want our mummy to go away!!!

  41. Can you send your dad to stay with me next time my parents go away?

  42. Wowie, take out and everything!

  43. Wow. Dads are so much less strict and more fun than Moms, huh? Your dinners look very enticing. I think I need to go and have more breakfast.

  44. Boys will be boys!

    Welcome home to your mum 🙂

  45. Sounds like boys had a great time!

  46. WoW, what a cool Dad! It’s great that your Mom had some fun away but even greater that she is home sweet home=^Y^=

  47. Oh wow! That looks like tons of fun! We wish our Paw fed us like that!!!!

    Luf, Us

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