Aug 312010

Hey, Ernie…let’s sit here and watch for mom to come home…


On second thought…let’s watch the birdies in the bath instead!!

We’ll be back in a couple of days!
Enjoy the birdies in the meantime!!

  35 Responses to “Two on Tuesday – Watching”

  1. You’re being abandoned? ::sigh:: I know how that feels.

  2. You could always join the birdies! Maybe they need *help* washing their wings.

    *wink* *wink*

  3. We’ll miss you guys, but we hope your Mom has fun!

  4. Oh I loves those pool parties. I told mommy to get out there and make sure my channel is turned to POOL PARTY and to stock the pool with fresh water!

  5. That is sad, you two watching for Mom to come home but glad you went back to those great birdies having a wonderful bath. We loved the video. We hope Mom has a wonderful time on her trip. She has to tell us all about it when she gets back.

  6. Thanks for sharing the bird TV with us we thoroughly enjoyed it – mum even brought temptations round in the intermission!!

  7. Oh, my! Look at that pawsome kitty TV you have! That pool party should keep you well occupied till your mom gets back!

  8. We wish we had that Feather Channel! That was a great video. Tell your mom to have a great trip!

  9. That Bird-TV looks like it might be interesting enough to keep you busy while your Mom is gone!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  10. We hope that your mum has a great trip, and that you enjoy the birds, boys 🙂

  11. Did your Mom get home? I hope so. Having your people around makes bird watching ever so much more fun…

  12. See you in a few days boys 🙂 Be good while your mum is away!

  13. We hope your mom hurries home but in the mean time it’s fun watching the birdies as they wash up for your dinner! 🙂

  14. Never good when moms go away….sigh……

    Darn, we have a post scheduled about y’all on Thursday and you’ll miss it….maybe you can get your mom to scroll back and see it when she gets home??????

    Love y’all bunches.

  15. Aaargh! Those darn Moms! They should stay home and love us and cater to us ALL the time.

    We’re glad you have a consolation bird bath to watch while you’re waiting. It is EXCELLENT!

  16. We hope your mom has a great time! And have fun watching the birdbath – we wish we had one too!

    P.S. Thanks so much for your purrs for Blackie! He is OK but they weren’t able to remove the tooth – the vet stopped the surgery because of heart issues. We are thankful that he has such a great vet.

  17. I hope your Mom gets home soon…but that Bird-TV looks pretty good while you are waiting!

  18. This is a great bird TV. Oh , is there a squirrel running in the background ?
    Hope you mom gets home soon!

  19. Awesome Bird TV=we loved it!…Hope your Mom comes home soon…Have a fun day, sweet friends…kisses…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  20. Birdies in the bath are loads of fun to watch and watching them may help the time pass more quickly until your mom comes home.

  21. That was a lot of birdies having a bath. Enjoy your bird TV until your mum gets back.

  22. At least you have a good Bird TV show to watch!

  23. I’m glad you guys have those birdies to watch and not miss your mom too much. I hate when mine goes away. I’ll miss you!

  24. THAT’S your view?! Wow! I think I’d rather watch that than just about anything.

  25. Now that’s my idea of a pool party!


  26. Watching birdies take a bath is lots of fun.

  27. See you in a few days my furriends!!!

  28. We’re glad we watched that video til the end…what a surprise when that introoder squirrel dashed by!

  29. Splish splash they are taking a bath…we have a bird bath too…Robins seem to be very dirty birds as they are always bathing especially right after mom fills the bath. They spalsh all the water out. Madi and Mom

  30. that is it with us cats – we are just so great at ‘watching’ … we can always spot something….and relish it. Love Darcy and Bingley xx

  31. Wow, that’s a great view!

  32. Oh wow! We want a bird bath too!

  33. My Human is going to abandon me tomorrow night also. They are so heartless.

    Those birdies look just delicious! Mmmmm. Soooo tasty!

  34. We hope your mom has a nice trip. At least you have a good view of those birdies while you wait for her to return!

  35. Bird tv is our fave channel too!!

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