Aug 302010

Hey, Wally!  I heard mom say that tomorrow she’s going away for a few days  to hang out with some of her girlfriends.

WHAT??!?  Who’s gonna feed us and clean our litter box??  Who’s gonna help us do our posts and visit all our furiends???  What about my “What’s That Wally Doing?” post??!?

Well, the Dad-Guy is gonna take care of us…maybe we can get him to help us with our blog.

No way, Ernie!!!  Have you seen him type??  He’s really slow and he misspells words all the time!!  RATS!!!  Looks like our furiends aren’t gonna see us for a couple days.

But I heard him say he’s gonna get some Mexican food one night for dinner! Maybe he’ll give us some!!

Awright, Ernie!!  It’s gonna be fiesta time!!!  That’ll make up for no blog time!!

  47 Responses to “Mancats – Mom’s Going Away”

  1. This is the best picture of you two! We hope your mom has a really fun trip – we’ll miss you, but we know we’ll see you when she gets back.

  2. I love that picture of you two! We`ll miss you. Enjoy the fiesta though!

  3. We agree that Mexican food will make up for no blogging! We hope your Mom has a fabulous time with her girlfriends!

  4. I hope you get some delicious sour cream!!!

  5. Oh man! Our mum is abandoning us in a couple of days, too. We hope you boys have a fun guys week! 🙂

  6. Have fun at the Fiesta! My dad helps me post sometimes but not as often as my mom. Dad gives me tastes of vanilla ice cream more than my mom though.

  7. When my mom goes away for the weekend sometimes, she makes it up to me before she goes and when she comes back. And I cling like saran wrap to her when she comes home. She shoulda got me a sisfur back in the day when I could have gotten used to it. I’m an older Lady Cat now. Mom’s ALL mine! Mine!!

  8. Awww! We’re gonna miss you guys!! Hope your mom has a great trip!

  9. Wally, as usual that is a terrific pose. We hope you do all right but we really hope that Mom has a good trip. But we will miss you two. Enjoy your Mexican food.
    Have a great week.

  10. Hi Ernie and Wally….looks like you guys are on your own for a few days…try to stay out of trouble…’cause even if the Mom isn’t there she WILL know if you have misbehaved.
    Safe travels to Mom,
    Madi and Mom

  11. We’ll miss you boys…but I suppose your mom should be allowed time with non-furred friends. Although we don’t reallly understand why. I heard my mom is leaving us all in a couple of weeks and we’ll be stuck with our dad. Any tips you can give us would be helpful.

  12. Is it mancat bonding time with Dad for a few days – we hope Zoey won’t feel lonely while your mom is away

  13. Mexican food? Maybe it’s okay that your Mom is leaving for a couple days!

    By the way, you won our giveaway! Concats! The folks from CSN will be emailing you a $75 gift code. If you don’t see it in your in box, check your spam folder in case it gets stuck in there.

  14. I will miss you, but from my Mom, I know these “girl-times” are restorative for Moms. If Dad can provide you with Mexican food, you’ll survive, barely.

  15. We hope your mom has a great time and that your dad coughs up (er, not literally) lots of treats for you while she’s gone!

  16. I hope your Male is nice enough to give you treats. Mine is not.

  17. Hi Guys,
    Hope you survive your dad. Well, I bet he’ll take great care of you. We’ll miss you, but we hope your mom has a great time! Mama things Mexican food sounds yummy.

  18. Wow, y’all are gonna have mexican dinners? Watch out for those hot pepper thingys!!!

  19. Tell your mom to have a great “girl-time”! If your dad orders in Mexican food every night you guys will have it made!

  20. Well, as long as you guys are gonna have a fiesta, we hope your mom has a good time.

  21. What a bummer….don’t moms know they are supposed to stay home to take care of us??????

    Our mama is finally feeling well enough that she let us have your package and she took some photos……so now we will keep after her to post the pics…..thank you, sweet friends….we loved the “nip” and the magnet….you are the greatest!!!!

    Wally, you really blend in with that carpet!!!!!!!!!

  22. I’m sure your dad will do a great job taking care of you guys! We will miss you but hope your mum has a great time with her friends 🙂

    Btw Wally, that is an great post for the “Do The Q contest”…have you submitted yet, tomorrow is the last day to get your pictures in!

  23. We hope your mom has a good time on her trip and that you boys enjoy your fiesta! Hope Zoey gets to join in on the fiesta too!

  24. Well, guys! We certainly are going to miss you while your mom is off having fun. You have fun with Dad too – Feista night sounds like fun.

  25. I’m sure that your mom will miss you both while she’s gone, but, hey! A few days to hang out like guys can be cool. You can watch sports on TV, drink nip-beer and snack on junk food. And, Mexican sounds fine with me, hold the jalapenos!

  26. make sure your mom brings you back something special for all the inconvenience she’s causing you.

  27. Oh Noes! I hate when the Mum leaves….but that Mexican food sounds awfully good and your Dad will probably give you more than your Mum ever would – I think you might make out okay!

  28. Oh that stinks that your mom is leaving – but hopefully she will have treats or toys or something cool for you when she gets back! And even though dad’s aren’t great about doing blog stuff, they are usually great for getting some extra treats! We hope you mom has a great time!

  29. Have fun hanging out with Dad!

  30. Why does your human want to go hang out with a bunch of other humans when she could just stay home and be with you guys? I’ll never understand humans.

  31. mmmmm, we LOVE Mexican food! Cheese, sour cream, Johnson likes refried beans! ::poot poot::

    But we think we’d rather have Mommy home if we had a choice.

    Enjoy your Dad-time and mooch a TON of treats.

  32. Hope your mom has a great time…we’ll miss you fellas!!

  33. Its a shame that your mum is going away but just think of all the naughty things you could get up to….. Especially with the dad-guy coming. He might not know all the rules. Hhhhmmm fun!


  34. We’ll miss you guys!!! But we know your mom will have a lot of fun with the girls. Does this mean Zoey is the boss now?

  35. Tell your mum to have a good time and it will soon pass untill she is back.. Hugs GJ xx

  36. We hope your Mom has fun with her girlfriends and that she brings you some wonderful treats back!

    All I can say is “ole”!


  37. Yes, the cats will play while the mama’s away! Yahoo! I’m sure your Dad will let you join in on his fun.

  38. We hope your mum enjoys her trip. We will see you when she gets back.

  39. Hey you two – sorry your mom has to go away for a bit; hope she has fun. Maybe it won’t be so bad wif your dad…mmm, Mexican food! Pass the guacamole!

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  40. Great photo=love that Wally belly action!!…We hope your Mom has a fun, safe trip…We’ll miss you, sweet friends…kisses…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  41. Great picture you two!! We hope you’ll have a great fiesta with your daddy. I hope he scoops the litterbox better than mine does. We hope your mommy has a great trip

  42. We are sure Dad will take good care of you!

  43. I hope you enjoy your Mexican food 🙂

  44. Oh NO!! But…but…. we’re gonna miss you!!!

  45. We LOVE that pic of yoo ~ are yoo praktisssing for the Q?

    We’ll miss yoo so be sure and come back soon.

  46. Wally and Ernie, hope you have lots of fun. I’m sure you will be taken good care of!

  47. Come on guys, this is your chance to have your dad spoil you while mom’s away! Ask for more treats, stay up late, scratch in new places!

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