Aug 272010

There’s been a lot of rule-breaking around here this week…
but not by me!!

 Those boycats are always getting into trouble,
but I never do anything wrong!


Okay…well maybe there was that one incident
with the plague ratsie’s tail getting chewed off…

But I tell you!!  That rat was asking for it!!!

  45 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Little Angel?”

  1. Zoey, you are innocent. Those Plague Rats are always asking for trouble!

  2. Of course… You stick to your story. I’m sure it was the rat’s fault that his tail fell off. Have a great weekend.


  3. My dear, we will be your alibi anytime.

  4. Must have been one of those weak tails. It just fell off. Not your fault. Zoey you are a pretty gal.
    Have a great week end.

  5. We know you didn’t chew that ratty’s tail off – a well behaved young lady like you just wouldn’t do that sort of thing. We think it might have been Ernie – he looked very furtive the other day.

  6. Zoey, we know you were innocent! Everyone knows you can’t trust a rat anyway!

  7. Yes Zoey, you did a fabulous work with that ratze! 🙂
    And you are adorable in that first picture!
    Happy Friday!

  8. Hi Zoey…we gals ALWAYS have a purrfectly good reason for everything we do!!
    Happy Weekend,

  9. It’s a PLAGUE RAT!!! Of course it’s tail is going to fall off! You had absolutely nothing to do with that! 😉

    Clarissa & Co.

  10. Of course the rat was asking for it! It’s a RAT!!! Happy weekend, furriends!

  11. Zoey, are you like Ginger? Totally innocent? NOT!


  12. those darn boy cats… nothing but trouble.

  13. We know you would never do anything like that. Maybe the rat was like our lizards and dropped it’s own tail?

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  14. Don’t worry Zoey – those rats are always asking for it!

  15. I say plague ratzies deserve whatever comes to them and MORE! But that YOU would ever do anything like chewing off a tail that deserved to be chewed off just didn’t happen Zoey. Just look at your sweet face. I think a fur burglar came in and did that!

  16. We don’t think there should be any rules about plague rats! Good job, Zoey!

  17. you really has to watch those rats cuz they is always asking for it, dem blaming us kitties for what happens. Gesssh! Of all the nerve.

  18. The Plague Rats are always asking for it–you were just doing your job!

  19. I totally believe you too!!!

  20. Yes I am certain that it was self defense.

  21. LOL, Zoey. Ratsies always deserve it!

  22. We admit it. We chewed off Mr. Ratsie’s tail the very first DAY we had him!

  23. Zoey look at your sweet face! We are convinced that you could never do anything wrong 🙂

  24. I think it is absolutely permissible to chew off the plague ratsie’s tail!

  25. You look so cute with you guilty face, Zoe! I wouldn’t say you broke any rule by chewing off that rat’s tail — after all, that is a natural thing to do. That rat doesn’t need his tail anyway!

    You did no wrong!

  26. Zoey, we know you are innocent of all wrongdoing; you are too precious to be guilty of anything :)…Happy weekend, sweet friends…kisses…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  27. I think the boys chewed the tail most of the way off, and you just finished the job.

  28. Zoey, you have the innocence of a lamb. The rat had it coming!

  29. Zoey those darn rats!
    Definitely deserved to lose it’s tail.


  30. Zoey you should not get blamed for the rat’s tail. After all, it deserved it!!

  31. Zoey, those Plague rat tails tend to fall off for no reason all the time! You are totally innocent!

  32. Pretty girl, we absolutely see nothing wrong with chewing off the tail of a rat. Good job!

  33. I smell a rat… 😉

    What an innocent face you have in that picture! Hehe.

  34. Mom would never let you be in trouble. She is a sucker for that face!!

  35. Oh that’s nothing, if you chewed it up and them vomited it on Mom’s pillow or in one of her best shoes, that would be something!

  36. The rat was a minor detail. You are as pure as the driven snow, we are sure…

  37. Wif such an innocent face,how could anyone blame you fur anyfing? Besides, we fink dat rat wuz a real rat, and prolly askin’ fur trubble. We purromise not to tell anyone!

    By da way, we do want to fanks you furry much fur stoppin by our pawty last week, an helpin to trash da place, and eat all da noms! We thot we wuz gonna have too much noms, but it all werked owt purrfect!
    Dat toilet-paper unrolling sure iz funz! Fanks fur helpin’ us celebrate!
    Sorry we took so long to stop by and say fank yoo, but typist haz been in slow mode lately…she haz too many fings she is tryin to do.

  38. You are such a good girl. That makes two of us. Too bad I have no boycats to blame around this place.

  39. You can’t trust a plague ratsie.

  40. I know it couldn’t possibly be you who chewed the ratsies tail off, the same as it wasn’t me who pulled the stuffing out of mine.

  41. We nefur saw such an innocent lookin face! Dat’s da cat’s meow! Hahaha! If it means anyfing, we woulda chewed off dat rat’s tail too.

  42. Meeheehee!!! That plague mouse was asking for it. Why, I’m looking at it now… And I just KNOW it was!

  43. I know the rat asked for it!

  44. It seems to me that anything called a plague rat deserves to have it’s tail chewed off–and it’s feet and ears too. Good start!

  45. We think you did nothing wrong. You are an angel fur sure!

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