Aug 132023
Another Sunroom Selfie by Easy E

You guys! Here’s a selfie I took a couple of weeks ago while I was in the sunroom. Y’know…I haven’t been in the sunroom lately. We have a small infestation of bees in there right now. The mom says they’re more like yellow jackets than bumblebees. They’re not bothersome…they mostly fly around the windows…probably trying [read more]

Happy FriYAY!

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Aug 112023
Happy FriYAY!

Happy Friday…or FriYAY as I like to call it. Because YAY! It’s the weekend! Wanna know my plans for the weekend? I’m gonna spend it taking a catnap or two…or three…or four. Maybe I’ll just put all the catnaps together and call it one long nap! What do you have planned for the weekend?