Some News!

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Jul 212023
Some News!

You guys! I’ve got some news for you. Remember a few months ago when I told you that something happened and our swans lost their nest? Guess what?!? Well, rather than me tell you…let me show you. We have baby swans! The mom had a feeling that the swans had built another nest because we [read more]

Jul 132023
Some Visitors in My Yard

Hey! You guys wanna see some recent visitors in my yard? You do?? Okay…let me show you. These mourning doves were taking a break from all their cooing and wooing by sitting on the deck rail. They’re probably pooping on it, too. Check out this egret who’s been hanging around this summer. He looks a [read more]

Jul 022023
Easy E's Patriotic Selfie

You guys! The 4th of July is this week. So in honor of America’s birthday, I decided to get patriotic…and silly…with my selfie. For those of you celebrating, I hope your day is filled with fun, family, friends and food. ‘Specially barbecue…lots and lots of barbecue! And now…for your viewing pleasure…here’s my favorite kind of [read more]