Jun 222023
Easy E's Tip of the Day...for Summer

You guys! Happy Summer! That’s right…summer has officially arrived. And now that it’s summer with hotter weather, I’ve got another “Easy E’s Tip of the Day” to share with you. You remember my “Tip of the Day” don’tcha? It’s where I share a tip, thought or some words of wisdom to help make your life [read more]

Jun 162023
Flashback Friday - The Contortionist

It’s been quite awhile since we’ve done a Flashback Friday. And today we have a special one. We’re flashing back to June 2018…and featuring our special orange boy, Wally. One thing about him is that he could sleep in the strangest positions. He was quite the contortionist! Sometimes I thought he might tie himself into [read more]

Some Random Stuff

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Jun 012023
Some Random Stuff

You guys! Happy first day of June! The weather here has been TERRIFIC! Loads of sunshine…and we’re having some summer-like temperatures, too. The cold air thingy in the house is getting a workout! Y’know…it’s been awhile since I’ve posted some random photos…just a little bit of this and that of stuff going on around here. [read more]