Jul 312022
Easy E's Not a Blooper Selfie

You guys! So you agreed with me…those were some bad photo fails that I posted the other day. But all was not lost. My photographer assistant was able to help me get a couple of excellent selfies…once she stopped putting the camera so close to my face. Here’s one of them… Yeah…it helps when you [read more]

More Random Stuff

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Jul 212022
More Random Stuff

You guys! Happy Thursday! The weekend is almost here! Even though for me…every day is pretty much the same…so weekends aren’t that big of a deal. I’ve got some more random photos for you…just a little bit of this and that of stuff that’s been going on around here. It’s been HOT here…just like it [read more]

Jul 172022
Another Serious Selfie from Easy E

You guys! I didn’t have time to get fancy with my selfie…just a simple “one and done” for today.  It came out pretty good…though I look kinda serious, don’tcha think? I seem to look serious in many of my selfies. I’ll try smiling next time…and looking right at the camera, too. But sometimes you just [read more]

Jul 142022
Loving My Nip Cigar

You guys! Y’know…there’s nothing like having a nip cigar after a good meal. Or even before a good meal. Anytime is a good time for a nip cigar.  And I’ve been giving this one a whole lotta loving. Maybe just a little bit too much. This nip cigar is helping me forget all about my [read more]