Oct 302020
A Halloween Flashback Blooper #PetPhotoFails

Hi everybuddy. Well here it is, the end of October AND the last Friday. So you know what that means. That’s right…it’s time for Pet Photo Fails…a monthly blog hop hosted by our friends, Melissa and Mudpie over at Melissa’s Mochas, Mysteries & Meows. You know how this works by now. All you gotta do is [read more]

Oct 262020
More Random Photos

Hey guys. We’ve got some more random photos for your viewing pleasure…ones that the mom has taken of me and Zoey over the past few weeks. I’m practicing my yoga. I call this move “The Pretzel.” Zoey on neighborhood watch. She keeps an eye on everything that goes on out there. I’m deep in thought…probably [read more]

Oct 192020
Happy Tocktober!

It’s time to celebrate Tocktober! What’s Tocktober you say? It’s a tradition that was started years ago by our furiend, Derby, of showing our ‘tocks…also known as rear end, backside, buttocks…you get the idea…to celebrate the month of October…and his birthday which happens to be tomorrow. Derby went to the Rainbow Bridge awhile back, but the [read more]

Oct 182020
Easy E's Chin Scritching Selfie on Sunday

Hi guys. The mom is indulging me with a little chin scritching. And let me tell ya, I am one happy cat. Here’s my selfie so you can see for yourself. I’m pawticipating in The Cat on My Head Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. To join the hop or to see other fun selfies, click HERE. Share [read more]

Oct 162020
A Former Feral, a Feather and Fall Colors

Hi everybuddy. The lady with the yellow hair goes walking almost every day. On one of her walks this past week, she found this teeny tiny black and white feather. She knows how much I like feathers…you might remember the giant goose one I had…so she gave this one to me, too. She’s not sure [read more]

Oct 112020
Another Easy E Upside Down Selfie on Sunday

Hi guys. Yep…another upside down selfie from me today. I know you humans love this…I’m just giving you what you want. Am I right? Besides, with the way things are lately…the world looks much better from this angle. I’m pawticipating in The Cat on My Head Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. To join the hop or [read more]

Oct 092020
A Cat's Map of the Bed

Hi everybuddy. One of the lady with the yellow hair’s friends sent her this cartoon. She got a good laugh from it. But I sure don’t know why. It looks pretty accurate to me…don’tcha think? Right now, I’m laying somewhere between the Meditation Area and the Yoga Studio. Share Us!FacebookTwitterPinterestStumbleUponTumblremail