Dec 302019
That Was The Year That Was

A few words from me…the Island Cats Mom… 2019 is coming to a close…and with the end of the year comes our blogoversary. Our blog began in December 2007…which means we’ve been blogging for about 12 years now. I know…it’s quite an accomplishment. Many blogs never last that long. Ernie “helping” me with the blog [read more]

Dec 292019
Easy E's Last Selfie of the Year on Sunday

Hi guys. So this is my last selfie of the year. Y’know…I’ve decided that in the new year, I’m gonna look at things from a different perspective. In fact, I think I’ll start now. Hey! You guys look good upside down! I’m pawticipating in The Cat on My Head Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. To join [read more]

Dec 272019
Our Secret Paws Revealed

Hey guys! Ernie here. I hope you all had a great Christmas. We sure did. Me and Zoey opened our Secret Paws package on Christmas morning. For those of you not familiar with Secret Paws, it’s the pet version of the humans’ Secret Santa…a holiday gift exchange where we’re anonymously matched up with another cat [read more]

Dec 222019
Easy E's Selfie Under the Christmas Tree on Sunday

Hey guys! I took this quick selfie while I was sitting under the Christmas tree. Yes…I was just sitting under it. No…I wasn’t trying to climb it or play with the ornaments. If the mom tries to tell you I was, she’s making up stories. I’m a very good boy and I would never mess [read more]

Dec 202019
An Early Christmas Present

Hi everybuddy. I want to show you an early Christmas present we got. The lady with the yellow hair ordered one of Quint Cole’s (from the Colehaus Cats) final paintings. Yeah, Quint is a cat and he likes to paint. Now for those of you who might not know about Quint, his humans learned that [read more]

Dec 162019
Santa Hat Outtakes

Hi guys. I’m glad you all liked my Santa Hat selfie yesterday. Y’know…getting me to wear that thing was no easy feat as these outtakes show. I swear that thing was trying to eat my head. I finally figured out if I just take a couple of good pics, I could lose the hat and [read more]

Dec 152019
Easy E's Santa Hat Selfie on Sunday

Hey guys. You saw Zoey in this Santa Hat the other day…now it’s my turn to be embarrassed. I wasn’t too happy about wearing this thing, and I kept it on only long enough to take my selfie this week. This was the best one. Come back tomorrow to see some of my outtakes. I’m [read more]

Dec 132019
All I Want for Christmas

Do I look happy? Do I?? This is one of the pictures the lady with the yellow hair took when she was doing our Christmas cards this year. Oh, I may look like I’m posing nicely, but trust me…that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I couldn’t wait to get this silly hat off my [read more]