Aug 302017
Get Rid of Pet Smells with OdorKlenz®

Hi guys! Wally here. Y’know…no one likes nasty pet smells…am I right? The mom is paranoid about bad odors in our house. She doesn’t want people coming into our home taking a whiff and smelling the litter box or anything else that would make them know right away that there are cats living here. Now [read more]

Aug 282017
Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

Hi guys. Wally here. Today is the 3rd annual Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day…a day created by our friend Deb Barnes from The Chronicles of Zee and Zoey in memory of her special cat, Mr. Jazz. It’s a day where we remember and pay tribute to those furry loved ones that are no longer with us…who have gone to the [read more]

Aug 272017
Easy E's Tip of the Day and Goofy Selfie Sunday

Hey guys! How ‘bout another Easy E’s Tip of the Day? Y’know…I share a tip, thought or some words of wisdom with all of you to help make life a little better. Here’s today’s tip. With so much bad stuff going on in the world…like hurricanes and terrorism and politics and animal cruelty and people [read more]

Aug 222017
Eclipse Aftermath

Hey guys…Wally here. As expected…here’s what we were doing during the Eclipse of 2017. Just another ordinary day on the island for us. The mom watched it. Yeah, she wore those special glasses so she wouldn’t go blind. She said that despite the fact we only had around 80% coverage and there were some clouds [read more]

Aug 212017
Total Eclipse Day!

So today’s the day. Total Eclipse Day. The first time in 38 years that a total eclipse of the sun is happening in the US of A. Of course, there’s just a narrow band from South Carolina to Oregon where you can actually see the total eclipse. Here on the island…we’re only expected get around [read more]

Aug 202017
Easy E's Shadow Selfie

Holy selfie-taking! I was getting ready to take my selfie when I realized I was being photobombed by BatCat! Where’d he come from?? Me and BatCat are pawticipating in The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. To join the Hop or to see other selfies click HERE! Share Us!FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+StumbleUponTumblremail

Finally Friday!

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Aug 182017
Finally Friday!

Yay! It’s finally Friday…and the weekend is almost here! I’m gonna be spending it snoozing in my cabana. Instead of watching me snoozing…why don’t you watch this little video? A hummingbird was putting on quite the show on our patio the other day. Whew! Just watching that hummer’s wings flap so fast makes me more [read more]

Aug 162017
What's That Wally Doing?

I can see you there, Wally. That’s okay…I can smell YOU! *sniff sniff sniff* It’s last call to enter our giveaway to win a 15″ Kitty Kick Stix™. You have until midnight tonight to enter. Click HERE for the details. You don’t wanna miss out on this! Share Us!FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+StumbleUponTumblremail