Oct 162009
Formerly Feral - Feral Cat Day!

Today is National Feral Cat Day – a day for everybuddy to think about the outdoor kitties.  Y’know, the ones that look like they don’t have a home?  Like  I was when I was living behind the big building where the guy works.  Feral cats live in every community.  They’re the same as domestic cats ‘cept they’re [read more]

Oct 142009
What's That Wally Doing?

Everyone wants to know… What’s That Wally Doing? Hey!  Thanks to everybuddy that stopped by yesterday and wished our mom a Happy Birthday!  She had a real good day…’specially when she woke up and checked the Cat Blogosphere and found that her birthday was announced there!  (Hehehe!  We got dad to do that!!)  She took the [read more]

Oct 132009
Happy Birthday, Mom!

Pssssst!!!  Hey, everybuddy!  Y’know what today is??  It’s our mom’s birthday!!  She doesn’t want us to make a big fuss about it but we wanna do something special.  So in celebration, we’re gonna have a commentathon!  For every comment left here today, we’re gonna donate 50 cents to an animal charity.  What charity, you ask??  Well, since Friday is National Feral [read more]

Oct 122009
ManCats - Keep 'Em Guessing

Hey, Ernie…wanna freak mom out?? Let’s do stuff we don’t normally do…it’ll make her crazy! Oh yeah, Wally!  Count me in!!! I’ll take a nap in our hammick… I haven’t used it in a long time!! And I’ll use the cube…been awhile since I’ve been in here!! Island Cats’ Mom here:  Yep, these boys sure keep [read more]

Oct 082009
Thankful Thursday

A while ago, we got this fun award from our furiend, Lucy!!  But someone (mom!) has been derelict in her duties by not helping us post it.   Thanks, Lucy!!  We think it’s cool that you’d give us an award with “I Love Lucy” on it!!  (Mom wants to know how many of you remember that show??) We [read more]

Oct 072009
What's That Wally & BJ Doing?

 Everyone wants to know… What’s That Wally & BJ Doing? Hey, we gotta special visitor here on our island!! It’s BJ…one of the Sherwood Seven!! He came all the way from Houston, Texas to visit!!! (BJ kinda looks like Ernie, dontcha think…’cept he’s dark gray…) Me and BJ are gonna hang out today and do some mancat [read more]