Nov 182011
Formerly Feral - A Demonstration

Today, I’m gonna show all of you how I kill…er, I mean, play with my string mousie! First, I give him a little whap…not too hard… I wanna give him a false sense of security. Then, as he comes by on the rebound… I grab him!  And begin to put the bitey on him!! But string mousie thinks he [read more]

Aug 222011
Mancats - Get Your Kong On!

The nice people that make the Kong pet toys asked us to try out their new cat toys called “Kong Cozies” and let everybuddy know how we like them.  They sent us 3 different ones…the Cozie, the Kickeroo and the Roller.  Thanks, Kong people, for giving us this opportunity! Hey, the Roller has feathers, Ernie!!  I [read more]