Mar 062022
Easy E's Smelly Selfie

Hey guys. No…my selfie isn’t smelly. It’s my house! So the painting strangers are finished and gone…thank cod. But now the house smells stinky…and it’s not from my litter box! Let me tell you…the fumes could knock you out! The mom said I’m exaggerating about the smell but even she admitted it’s annoying. She said [read more]

Feb 132022
Easy E's Super Bowl Selfie

Hey guys! Are you ready for some football?!? Today is Super Bowl Sunday…the biggest football day of the year here in the U.S. of A. That’s why I took my selfie with these 2 footballs. Now I know not everyone is a football fan. Purrsonally, the only bowl I like is a filled-to-the-brim food bowl. [read more]

Jan 232022
Easy E's Hurry Up Selfie

Hey guys. I’m gonna hurry up and take my selfie… So I can get back to better things to do on this cold winter’s day. Like snoozing. Actually, snoozing is a good thing to do no matter what the weather is…cold, hot, raining, snowing…doesn’t matter to me. It’s always the right time to take a [read more]

Jan 162022
Easy E's First Blep Selfie of the New Year and the Betty White Challenge

Hey guys. Here’s my first blep selfie of the new year. And knowing how much the humans love when us cats…and dogs, too…stick out our tongues like this, it won’t be my last. Because making humans happy is what I aim to do. Besides, looking all cute like this may score me some extra treats! [read more]