Dec 282016
It's Our 9th Blogoversary!

That’s right! It’s our Blogoversary! For those of you not familiar with how our blog began, here’s the story. The mom always wanted a website where she could post cute pictures and tell funny stories about us. So the dad-guy had this blog set up for her as a surprise Christmas gift. That was 9 [read more]

Dec 262016
Our Secret Paws!

Hi guys! It’s me, Ernie. Did you have a good Christmas? We sure did! On Christmas morning, we finally got to open our Secret Paws package. For those of you not familiar with Secret Paws, it’s a secret holiday gift exchange that many of us cat bloggers pawticipate in. And it’s so much fun! We [read more]

Dec 242016
Christmas Eve Wishes - Redux

Finally! Christmas is almost here! We thought we would re-run our Christmas Eve post from 3 years ago. The Christmas wishes we had then are as relevant today as ever. At Christmas time, we wish for lots of toys and treats. And it’s fun to find them under the tree on Christmas morning. But, really…toys [read more]

Dec 032016
His Final Flight

We have some sad news. No sooner did we post our “Come Fly With Us” post for Sammy, we heard that he took his final flight to the Rainbow Bridge. We knew Sammy’s time here was limited, but knowing that doesn’t make it any easier. We will miss him very much. We send comforting purrs [read more]

Nov 242016
Happy Thanksgiving!

Here in the U.S. it’s Thanksgiving….a day that we get to eat lots of turkey and watch footsball.  But it’s also a day to remember all the things we’re thankful for. Us Island Cats have so much to be thankful for…like a great forever home, comfy napping spots, lots of toys and tasty food. We’re [read more]

Nov 042016
Dona Nobis Pacem 2016

It’s BlogBlast 4 Peace 2016! Dona Nobis Pacem — Give Us Peace Once again, we join with others in the blogosphere from all around the world to blog about peace and display our Peace Globes. We are One Voice on One Subject for One Day. Together we can make a difference. And help bring PEACE to [read more]

Oct 312016
Happy Halloween!

Trick or Treating with The Island Cats Hey, Ernie and Zoey! You ready to go trick or treating? Yep, I’m looking to get lots of treats tonight. Well, Zoey…I can see you’re wearing a costume that’s appropriate for your purrsonality. You boys better be nice to me or else I’ll put a spell on you! [read more]

Sep 192016
Meow Like A Pirate Day

Avast ye mateys! ‘Tis Meow Like a Pirate Day! We arrrrrr the Pirate Island Cats of the Caribbean… Mad Redbeard Wally, Evil Neck Snapper Ernie and Bloody Princess o’ Death Zoey. We sail the seven seas searchin’ fer buried catnip treasure. Scurvy landlubbers beware Cross us if you dare And ye shall be walkin’ the [read more]