May 142009
Thankful Thursday

We LOVE getting awards!!! We got the One Lovely Blog Award from the Kitties over at Our Family Cat-a-Blog and from Noll!  Double the pleasure!!  Thanks a lot!!! For this award we hafta pass it on to 5 other blogs that we’ve recently discovered and let those bloggers know they’ve been given the award. We’re passing this [read more]

Apr 302009
Thankful for Awards Thursday

We’ve received a few more awards which we want to acknowledge.  Our furiends, The Creek Cats gave us Neno’s Award!  Thanks!!   This award is for those who love blogging activity and love to encourage friendships through blogging. We love blogging because we get to meet so many interesting kitties from all over the world! We can [read more]

Apr 092009
Another Thankful Thursday

Over the past few weeks we’ve received a couple more awards. Our new furiend, Jasmim, gave us the Lemonade Award!  Thanks, Jasmim!! And our furiends, 4 Boys and A Lady, gave us the Kreativ Blogger Award!   Thanks!! For this award we hafta list 6 things that make us happy.  Here goes: 1.  stinky goodness (of course!) 2.  [read more]

Mar 192009
Thankful Thursday - Golden Awardy

Remember the other day me hiding under my boogie mat??  (Click HERE to see my post about it!) Well, the Whippy Curly Tails gave me the Golden Awardy for “Doing the Hidey.” Thanks!!!  I was just doing what I normally do!  Imagine getting an award for that!!  One of the rules for this award is that you pass it on to any [read more]

Mar 122009
Thankful Thursday

Thanks to everybuddy that came by yesterday and celebrated Ernie’s Gotcha Day!  It was a fun party!! Yay!  We recently were honored with 2 more awards!! We received the Honest Scrap Award from both Derby and Grrreta!  Thanks so much!! This award comes with these rules: “When accepting this auspicious award, you must write a post bragging about it, [read more]

Feb 122009
Thankful for Awards Thursday

We’ve received a few awards over the past couple of weeks and someone (mom!) is just now getting around to posting them so we can thank all our wonderful furiends! We wanna thank Cliff & Olivia, Three Country Cats, and Harry, one of our newest furiends, for giving us the beautiful Proximity Award!! And thanks to Niko & Cloud, [read more]

Nov 132008
Thankful for Awards Thursday

We’ve received some awards over the past few weeks. We think it’s about time that we thanked everyone for honoring us with them. (mom, you’ve been derelict in your duties!) We received the beautiful Butterfly Award from Chica & Pumuckl, Forever Foster, Gizmo, Cat Street Boyz and Jasper McKitten-Cat. Thanks to all of you for this!!! The [read more]

Oct 022008
Thankful Thursday - More Awards

We were honored with some more awards!  So today, on this Thankful Thursday, we wanna pass these on and let everyone know how thankful we are to have them as furriends. We received the BFF Gold Card Award from both The Cat Realm and the gang over at What Lo Knows.  Thanks! We wanna pass this on [read more]

Sep 112008
Thankful Thursday - Awards

A few days ago, our new furriends, The Cheezits, Colby & Cheddar, honored us by giving us these cool awards: Thanks, Colby & Cheddar, we really appreciate you thinking of us!!  And it makes mom really happy when we get awards! We want to pass these awards on to our furriends Shaggy, Scooby & Scout; Stryder, Scotchy [read more]