Oct 082009
Thankful Thursday

A while ago, we got this fun award from our furiend, Lucy!!  But someone (mom!) has been derelict in her duties by not helping us post it.   Thanks, Lucy!!  We think it’s cool that you’d give us an award with “I Love Lucy” on it!!  (Mom wants to know how many of you remember that show??) We [read more]

Sep 182009
Formerly Feral - I'm a Princess!

Hi everybuddy!  Bet you’re wondering why I’m wearing this crown. It’s ‘cuz I got this cool award from Madi and her Mom!  Thanks!! (if you haven’t met Madi and her mom yet, you should go over and say hello!) Look!!  The Island Princess Award!!  It was made for me!! I’m not just an Island Cat…I’m an Island [read more]

Thankful Thursday

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Sep 102009
Thankful Thursday

Hey!!!  I was so excited to see that I was one of the winners in the “Doing the Q” contest!!  I was the Viewer’s Choice!!!  Thanks to everybuddy who voted for me!!!  I know you’ve all seen my entry, but I thought it was worth showing again!! There were so many good entries this year!!!  Congratulations to [read more]

Sep 022009
What's That Wally Doing?

 Everyone wants to know… What’s That Wally Doing? The kitties at Team Tabby gave us this award the other day… the “Oops!  I Ate It!”  Award.  With acceptance of this award you’re supposed to share stories of the foods you stole from your humans. Well, I hate to admit it, but none of us Island [read more]

Aug 062009
Thankful for Awards Thursday

You know how much we love getting awards! And we’ve gotten a couple more!!  The kitties over at Team Tabby gave us the wonderful “Your Blog is Satin” Award!!   We’ve received this award before but we’re honored to get it again! Thanks, Team Tabby!!!  And The Kitty Krew gave us the beautiful “Your Blog is a Pearl” [read more]

Jul 232009
This & That Thursday

We got some more awards!  We got the “Kreativ Blogger” Award from Ginger Jasper and Eric and Flynn! Thanks!! And we got the “Your Blog is Satin” Award from The Kitty Krew!! Thanks!!! For this award, we’re gonna follow The Kitty Krew’s rules and list 5 things that make our lives good.  Here goes… # 1 [read more]

Jul 172009
Formerly Feral - Beauty Tips

Today I’m participating in Norwood’s Eyewatch Friday! Also, my furiend, Tasha, gave me my very own award… one that I don’t hafta share with Ernie or that orange stripey cat!!    This is the “Seu blog é um sonho” Award which means “Your Blog is a Dream” in Portuguese. (Thank goodness Tasha told me what it [read more]

Jun 182009
Thankful & Other Things Thursday

I wanna thank everybuddy who came by on my birthday and partied with me! I had the bestest time! I got some nip and treats!! And a plague rat!!! Silly mom tried putting candles in my stinky goodness but she couldn’t get them to stand up. She’s lucky she didn’t burn down the house trying!  Doesn’t [read more]

Jun 112009
You Don't Say?

Awhile back, we received this really nice Super Comments Award from Franklin, Dobby and Tasha! Thanks!! We love getting and giving comments almost as much as we love blogging!! Did you know that in the year we’ve been blogging we’ve received over 6800 comments? That’s a lot of talk!!!  We wanna pass this on to everybuddy that [read more]

May 142009
Thankful Thursday

We LOVE getting awards!!! We got the One Lovely Blog Award from the Kitties over at Our Family Cat-a-Blog and from Noll!  Double the pleasure!!  Thanks a lot!!! For this award we hafta pass it on to 5 other blogs that we’ve recently discovered and let those bloggers know they’ve been given the award. We’re passing this [read more]