Nov 262012
We Gots an Award!

Hey kitties!  Wally here.  The other day our good furiend, King Spitty, bestowed this cool award on us Island Cats…The Blog of the Year Award!  Thanks, Spitty!  We lubs you, too! Now we admit, we haven’t been too good lately about posting awards and passing them on.  It’s not OUR fault, though…it’s the lousy assistant [read more]

Nov 092012
Formerly Feral - 7 Things

Hey, everybuddy!  I’m so excited!  The other day, one of my bestest girlfuriend’s, Katie Isabella, gave ME an award!  Just ME…and not those silly boycats that live here!  Thank you, Katie!!  For this award, I’m supposed to tell 7 things about me.  Well, I think most of you already know lots about me, but I’ll try to [read more]

Sep 042012
We're Addicting!

We received The Addictive Blog Award from some new kitties we met the other day…Hemingway and Shakespeare!  Thanks, guys!  If you haven’t met these two yet, why dontcha go on over and say hello?? The rules for this award are pretty simple: Thank the one awarding you Share a little about why you blog and [read more]

Jun 152012
Formerly Feral - Illuminating!

My furiend, Spitty, gave me…just me and not those other cats that live here…this great award!  Thanks, Spitty!!  The only requirement for this award is to share an illuminating fact or story about myself. I don’t know if this is illuminating or not, but did you know that I’m one of the worst patients that my v-e-t has?  When I [read more]

Feb 102011
Thankful Thursday

Hi, everybuddy!  Wally here!!  We’re a little late in posting about the Stylish Blogger Award we got from some new furiends, Luscious Lucy and Sam from A Tale of 2 Kitties and Caro from Carolyon. But better late than never!  Thanks, guys!! The rules for this award say that we need to tell you 7 things about us.  We’re gonna split [read more]

Easy E Sunday

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May 302010
Easy E Sunday

My furiend, Jadzia, gave me — just me and not those other Island Cats — this cool award!! Thanks, Jadzia!! The rules for this award say I gotta tell you 9 things about me.  Some of these things you may already know…other things might be new.  Here goes!! 1.  I gots extra toes on all my feets!!  [read more]

Mar 182010
Thankful Thursday

Hey!!  Ernie won 3RD PLACE in Brian’s St. Patrick’s Day Contest for the Best Green Sleeping Area!  And here’s his award!! Thanks, Brian!! And we got the SUNSHINE AWARD…twice!! From Herman and Karen Jo and our buddy, Monty Graycat!!  Thanks!!  Getting it twice brought us a lot of SUNSHINE!! We’re supposed to pass this onto 12 bloggers…but we wanna share this [read more]