Jul 162017
Easy E's Blooper Sunglasses Selfie Sunday

Hey guys. Remember a few weeks ago I took a selfie while wearing the Traveling Shades? I know most of you thought I wore those sunglasses well. But honestly, wearing them and taking that selfie wasn’t as easy as I made it looked. I thought I’d share some of my blooper sunglasses selfies with you [read more]

Jun 042017
Easy E's Traveling Shades Selfie Sunday

Hey guys! About a year or so ago, our friend Phoebe over at 15 and Meowing modeled these cool sunglasses…and then offered to send them to anybuddy else who wanted to model them, too. The list of takers was pretty long…and what was supposed to be the “Traveling Shades Tour of the Summer of 2016” [read more]

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