Nov 152010
Mancats Chillaxin'

Oh, hi there!  Me and Ernie are just chillaxin’ today, sharing this sun puddle and a little brotherly love…   Hey, Wally!  Your head could use a little washing…   Why, thank you, Ernie!  I appreciate you keeping me clean!   Hey…what’re brothers for, Wally??   Think I’ll catch some zzzz’s now…   Yeah, me too, Ernie…this sun’s making [read more]

Easy E Sunday

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Aug 012010
Easy E Sunday

I’m gonna stretch out here and nap the whole day! Nothing’s gonna get me to move from here!!   Waydaminit!!  Is that the sound of a can of stinky goodness opening??   Nah!  False alarm!!   Back to napping!   RATS!!  Now I’m wide awake thinking about stinky goodness!!! Share Us!

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