Jun 162016
Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes indeedee!  It’s my lucky 13th birthday!  And what would my birthday be without me sharing some Baby Wally pictures with you, right? That’s my mom-cat in the top picture.  She was a poor stray kitty that ended up in a motherly way. Fortunately for her…and ultimately me…she was found by someone and taken to [read more]

Jun 172014
Two on Tuesday

So, didja enjoy your birthday yesterday, Wally? Yeah, I sure did, Ernie. The Cat Scouts threw my a Corvette-themed birthday party! Probably because I showed up at the drive-in movie we had the other night in the dad-guy’s old Corvette. Wally, I can’t believe the dad-guy let you drive his Corvette. Me either, Ernie.  Good thing [read more]

Jun 162014
They Say It's My Birthday!

Hey everybuddy! That’s right…11 years ago today I was borned! Here’s how I’m gonna spend my special day. I’m gonna do some window whiffin’…take a long nap… put the bitey on my nip tomato… enjoy some fresh nip…and some yummy noms… and let it all hang out! So, c’mon and celebrate with me!  

Jun 162012
It's Party Time!

♫ ♪ They say it’s my birthday!  Happy birthday to me! ♫ ♪ That’s right! 9 years ago today…I entered this world! Okay…get your SQUEEEE on! Time for Baby Wally pics!! I can’t even remember being this small! And check me out with all my brothers and sisters!  So c’mon!  It’s party time! Celebrate with me!! [read more]

Apr 092012
Mancats - A Special Lady

Hey, Wally!  Wake up!  Today’s a special day!!  What day is it, Ernie? It’s a special lady’s birthday today. She’s a good friend to all animals… always helping the poor animals in need. We don’t wanna forget to wish her a Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday, Marg!! We hope your day is extra special!! Click HERE to visit Marg and [read more]

Jun 162011
WTWD? Birthday Edition!

   ♫  They say it’s my birthday!!  Happy birthday to me!!!  ♫  Yep, it’s my 8th birthday today! It’s time to party!! Check out these pictures of me… some of my favorites from the last 8 years!! Including Baby Wally!! I don’t even remember being that small!!  So c’mon and celebrate my birthday with me!! After all…I only [read more]

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