May 072017
Easy E's Selfie Sunday with a Hangover

Hey guys. After a couple of days of rain, rain and more rain…seriously, we were thinking of building an ark…Mr. Sun finally showed his face this weekend. And I’m taking advantage of every second of it by getting on my easy here on the mini cat tree. For some reason, humans just don’t understand that [read more]

Jan 042017
What's That Wally Doing?

Hey…what’s this? Oh…it’s one of the presents we got in our Secret Paws package from Truffle and Brulee. Wow! The scent of valerian is overpowering! I can’t resist it! Waydaminit…Ernie’s not around, is he? He’ll try to steal this toy from me for sure. Good…I don’t see him. Time to give this toy a workout! [read more]

Jun 052016
Easy E's Hangover Selfie Sunday

Ernie!  Wake up!  It’s Selfie Sunday! Huh?  What? You have to take a selfie for Selfie Sunday! Oh!  Thanks for waking me up and helping me, mom. I wouldn’t want to miss Selfie Sunday. How’s this? Nice hangover selfie, Ernie! I’m pawticipating in The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. To join the Hop [read more]

May 062015
What's That Wally Doing?

*zzzzzzz…snore…snore…zzzzzzz…snore* Hey!  Do ya mind with all that clicking clicking clinking? I’m trying to recouperate from all the Cinco de Mayo celebrating I did. Oh…and for the record? Meowgaritas and Niptinis just don’t mix. Bleh. Update on our duck visitors:  Remember the Momma Duck that visited our yard about a week or so ago?  Well, she [read more]

Too Much Thursday

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Sep 202012
Too Much Thursday

Ugh! I think I meowed like a pirate one too many times yesterday. Or maybe it was all the catnip rum I drank. Or maybe I had me some bad parrot. *burp* Yep…it was the parrot. I’m sleeping this day away… And on a more somber note, we send our condolences to Maggy and Zoey [read more]

Jun 172011
Formerly Feral - Too Much Nip!

So yesterday was the orange-stripey cat’s birthday. He wanted to thank everybuddy who came by and wished him happy birthday, but he’s not feeling up to it right now. So I gotta do it for him.  Thanks, everybuddy!!  Y’see…he did a little too much celebrating. Just look at how hungover he is…he’s pitiful. Ugggghhhh… Too.  Much.  [read more]

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