May 082017
Looking Out for One Another

Hey Ernie. Your head could use washing. I know how hard it is to reach some spots so let me help you out with that. *slurp* Thanks, buddy. I appreciate it. Now let me return the favor. *lickity lickity lickity* Us mancats gotta look out for one another. You got that right, Ernie. Share Us!

Sep 232013
Mancats - Do Me No Favors

::lickity lickity lickity::   ::lickity slurp lickity lickity slurp slurp:: Stop licking me, Wally!  You’re getting me all wet! C’mon, Ernie…I’m just washing your dirty head.   ::lickity lickity lickity:: Wally…I said STOP IT already!   Sheesh… Try to do a cat a favor and that’s the thanks you get. Eh…his head didn’t taste very good [read more]

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