Oct 112017
What's That Wally Doing?

Hey! You guys wanna see me do something funny? Of course you do! *SLURP* There ya go! Did that make you laugh?? And now…announcing the winner of our Petmate® Jackson Galaxy™ Kitty Zip Mat. Congratulations to Marg from Marg’s Animals! We know all the kitties are gonna love this mat/tunnel…so much so, we hope there’s [read more]

Jul 182008
Wally's in Trouble!

Uh oh!!!  I’m in trouble now!  I got up here and I’m not sure how to get down. All I wanted to do was go outside.  I LOVE OUTSIDE!!!!  Mom and Dad were outside and I figured that if I climbed up here somehow I would get outside too.  Hmmmm, I guess it doesn’t work [read more]

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