Nip Head

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May 262017
Nip Head

Uh oh! Looks like some cat couldn’t wait…and tore into the package of catnip that was in the BlogPaws swag bag. And I think I know which cat it was. Oh Zoey… Waydaminit, lady with the yellow hair. Why do you think it was me? Oh, I don’t know…maybe it’s the telltale signs of nip [read more]

Mar 282014
The Natural Pet Company Catnip Review

 Hey everybuddy!  It’s me…Zoey.  The lady with the yellow hair said I did so good with my last review, I get to do another one…all by myself!  And this time, I get to review catnip!  It’s every kitty’s dream! The nice peoples from The Natural Pet Company asked us to try their premium quality catnip and [read more]

Aug 182008
ManCat Monday - Ernie

Okay…I’m gonna close my eyes and when I open them, there better be a catnip toy in front of me!!! Sometimes a Mancat just has to put his paw down!!!

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