Apr 162017
Easy E's Bunny Ears Selfie for Easter Sunday

Somebuddy will pay for making me wear these stoopid bunny ears for my selfie. I don’t care if it is Easter. I don’t like wearing stuff! Thank cod I got these ears off. Now I’ll start the paybacks by putting the bitey on them. Next it’ll be the human who put these ears on me. [read more]

Apr 202014
Easy E Easter Sunday

Well, here we go again!  Me in the funny bunny ears.  I don’t know why I expected this year to be different.  I’m hoping there’s some nip eggs in this Easter basket.  And some real chicken would be nice, too…not this silly virtual one sitting next to me. That would make this embarrassment more bearable. [read more]

Apr 242011
Easy E Easter Sunday

Every Easter…it’s the same ol’ thing… She puts these stupid virtual bunny ears on me.  Well…as long as they’re virtual and not the real thing I won’t complain… too much!  Happy Easter, everybuddy!!

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