Apr 012018
Easy E's Foolish Bunny Ear Selfie for Easter Sunday

Happy Easter! And Happy April Fool’s Day! Though I don’t know what’s so happy about it…and I sure feel like a fool. Zoey wouldn’t wear these stoopid bunny ears so I’m the one that got April fooled into it. Oh I know…you all think I look so cute. Well, phooey! This isn’t funny…not one bit. [read more]

Fooled Ya!

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Apr 012016
Fooled Ya!

Oh my cod, you guys! I was washing my ear and…LOOK! I rubbed it right off! No I didn’t!  It’s right there! Fooled ya! Happy April Fools’ Day! Share Us!FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+StumbleUponTumblremail

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