Sep 102017
Easy E's Special Guest Selfie Sunday

Hi guys! Ernie here. No selfie of me today…I hope you don’t mind. But that’s because I’ve got a special guest one for you instead. Remember when the mom went to the alpaca farm that’s here on our island? Remember the little baby alpaca…also called a cria…that was there? He took a selfie when the [read more]

Aug 142017
A Visit to the Island Alpaca Farm

Hey guys! Wally here. Did you know there’s an alpaca farm on our island? There is! It’s the Gibraltar Bay Alpaca Farm…a 12 acre farm that’s home to over 50 alpacas! Alpacas are part of the camelid family which also includes llamas and camels. They’re the smallest ones of the family, and are native to [read more]

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