Mar 082013


Hi kitties.  So this is me last night…sitting with the Lady with the Yellow Hair while she watched the talking picture box and played with her iPad thingy.  She plays with that thing a lot!  She took some more pictures of me with it even though she said it was a little too dark.  I really didn’t mind too much because that iPad thingy doesn’t have a flash on it that hurts my eyes.  And this blanket was so cozy, I didn’t really wanna move.  And she said I looked very cute sitting here.  So I let her take the pictures.  Sometimes you gotta give in to the humans, right?

Happy Friday…Happy Weekend, everybuddy!!


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  55 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Looking Cute”

  1. Zoey, you have the cutest face! It looks like you are keeping a very close eye on the Lady with Yellow Hair.

  2. Zoey looks so cute and happy. I think I see a smile in those eyes.

  3. Zoey, you is very cute :) We wish that phone thingie mommy plays with had no flashy part! Wonder how we can break…err…fix that, MOL!

  4. Yes, but most often it is THEY who must give in to US!!!

  5. Zoey, we all agree you look particularly precious and adorable in this photo…and I think my mom is going to kiss you right through her iPad thingie! Is that possible?

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