posted by Ernie on Feb 24


Our new cat tree is great for doing magic tricks!

Look!  I magically stuck my paw all the way through the top!



I bet you’re all wondering how I did that, right?

Well, a good magician never gives away his secrets!



But that apparently does not apply to the pawparazzi.



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43 Comments to “Easy E Sunday”

  1. Sometimes, Cats Herd You Says:

    That’s a great magic trick. Tell the pawparrazi not to steal your secrets!!

  2. Dexter Says:

    Oh man, spoiler alert. But it was a cool trick.


  3. speedyrabbit Says:

    keep you magic secrets to you self other wise everybody will know,xx Speedy

  4. mariodacat Says:

    Dang those flashy box things! We never have any privacy! How dare they give away your magic secret! Hey pal – why don’t you work on a new magic trick – how to make flashy boxes disappear forever!

  5. Marg Says:

    Oh that is such a great tree. You can whap anyone that is below you. What fun. And you can do magic too. What could be better. Have a super Sunday.

  6. Hannah and Lucy Says:

    What a spoil sport that pawparazzi person is Ernie – still just remember revenge is best served cold!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Ellie Van Caster Says:

    Such a sassy Mommy to tell your secret! you’ll have to forgive her though before dinner time. ;-)
    Have a good week

  8. The Poupounette Says:

    That’s a great cat tree, though!

    The Chans

  9. Dma Says:

    Can’t believe your photographer broke the magician’s code…

  10. Laila and Minchie Says:

    Those evil pawparazzi always spoil our fun!

  11. Madi and Mom Says:

    MOL Ernnie instead of a square peg in a round hole you have a long handsome paw in a square hole.
    Hugs Madi your BFFF

  12. Madi and Mom Says:

    substract 1 n from you name please…MOL

  13. meowmeowmans Says:

    Argggh! The pawparazzi ruin everything!

    Have a great Sunday, anyway, Ernie! :)

  14. Skipper Says:

    Super trick!!

  15. Whisppy Says:

    Sadly the magician rule doesn’t apply to the pawparazzi! ;)

  16. Fuzzy Tales Says:

    Well, we thought it was a terrific trick anyway! :-)

  17. Tamago Says:

    Oh no, pawparazzi ruined your magic trick! We pretend that we didn’t see the last photo :-)

  18. CATachresis Says:

    The pawparrazzi have a lot to answer for!!

  19. Loupi Says:

    A tricky cat on a tricky tree ! Why do pawparazzi ruin a magical moment ?

  20. Ginger jasper Says:

    MOL thats a great tree and great photo’s captured too.. HUgs GJ xx

  21. Angel and Kirby Says:

    Too bad they gave away your secret!

  22. Simba Says:

    That new cat tree looks great. You are super duper relaxed, Ernie.

  23. Cheysuli Says:

    I still think it’s a neat trick!

  24. Katnip Lounge Says:

    Hey!!! No fair! Darn pawpurrazzi!

  25. Abby Says:

    Aww Ernie we thought…well we were fooled until the pawparrazi showed how you did your trick!

  26. Sparkle Says:

    Just more proof that the paparazzi is NO fun!

  27. Maggie Mae and Max Says:

    Shame on dat pawparrazi fur givin’ your secret away. Don’t worry Ernie, we won’t share it wif any buddy!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  28. Eric and Flynn Says:

    That looked like a very clever trick until the pawpurrazzi gave away your secret.

  29. Katie Isabella Says:

    I refuse to believe it…I know it’s magic. The Lady with the Yellow Hair was teasing us.

  30. Brian Says:

    You sure had me going for a minute there Ernie!!

  31. Tillie and Georgia Says:

    We still think it looks like magic Ernie!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  32. Cory Says:

    Ohhh no! Why are the pawpawrazzi always giving away our best secrets?

  33. Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) Says:

    “Holey Platforms, Catman”!

  34. Glogirly & Katie Says:

    Our secrets are NEVER safe when there’s a photographer in the room.
    ; ) Katie

  35. Mr Puddy Says:

    Ernie, For me…it’s Black Magic !!! Pawparazzi can’t ruin it ; )

  36. Oui Oui Says:

    Ernie, we thought it would take a BIG hole to get that paw through it!

  37. Cathy Keisha Says:

    HAH! And I thought that it was hanging over the side.

  38. Penelope Says:

    Yous has me fooled!

  39. We love Luna Says:

    The paparazzi don’t give us a chance dear Ernie!But I’m happy to see your pictures. You have a lovely cat tree!

  40. caren gittleman Says:

    Haaaaaaaa!!! Busted!

  41. mythreemoggies Says:

    That is what we call hanging loose :-)

  42. askfisher Says:

    So funny! pawparazzi, humph

  43. Clooney Says:

    Too bad she blew it for you…