Nov 302012

I’m practicing my acrobats again.  This move is pretty tricky.  You inexperienced cats should be careful if you try this move yourself.  You might get stuck.

Um…I hope I’m not stuck!!

(Sorry ’bout the poor quality of this picture.  The lady with the yellow hair took it with her iPad thingey.  She’s learning how to use the flashy box that’s on it.  I think she’s got some more learning to do.)

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  57 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Acrobat Cat”

  1. That picture is darling! It looks great quality next to TW’s photos.

  2. Excellent! Yous should has your own catarobics show!

  3. Zoey, you are very bendy! We are very impressed that even though you are a famous internet celebrikitty that you still do all your own stunts.

  4. Now THAT’s a CATTASTIC picture!! You musta been Olga Korbut in one of your previous lives!

  5. I am giving you an awardie. If you already have it you can add another star.
    Dawn (Shubunkin)

  6. We love real photos! No photoshop or enhancing.. It’s the real deal and why we enjoy the Island Cats.

  7. Whoa Zoey, theese one is a good one! Quite the move!

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