Nov 192012





Hey, Ernie…move your feets.  They’re sticking in my belly.


Yeah?  Well, your breath really stinks, Wally.  Shut it.


That’s better.


You got that right, Wally.


A sweet moment never lasts long with these two!  ;)

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  54 Responses to “Mancats – A Sweet Moment?”

  1. You two remind Grace of her two boys. They sleep in various positions like that; then starts the cleaning … which turns into rasslin’ and then chasing and lots of noise!! Oh, my! But … you guys don’t do all THAT, do you??

    Grace & Company

  2. Hey—they dudes still hung together even after feeties in the belly and bad breath. My human says you guys look so ‘cuddable’—hmm.
    Run. Run fast.


  3. How you looking bootiful together!

    We thanking you for meow on bloggie. Doctor R. is vet we all likes even though we was never treated by him! Mom goes seeings him today for final goodbyes and not looking forward. We is all still hopings for miracle from Cat Almighty.

    XXXX from Purrime Ministerette office!

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