Nov 072012



Oh kitties…I’m in trouble now.  Y’see, the mom is mad at me because I ate her African Violet plant.  She’s had this plant for a couple of years and it’s never bloomed except when she first got it.  Until now…



Here’s what it looked like a week ago.  (Try to ignore the cat furs on the leaves.)  See those delectibly, yummy purple flowers?? What cat worth his weight in catnip could resist them?!?


And this is what looks like now.  Kitties…I tell you!  Those flowers were begging me to bite them!!


Here’s a closer look.  Now don’t suggest that I blame it on one of the other cats around here…or even the infamous “NOTME.”   The mom caught me red-pawed on this one.  And y’know what  made her madder??  I didn’t eat the flowers…I just bit them off and spit them out!  She said if I was gonna ruin the flowers, I coulda at least had the decency to eat them.


I dunno, kitties…I can only hope that the plant will bloom some more.  But I can’t guarantee that if if does, I won’t put the bitey on it again!  The mom…she’ll just hafta get over it…heheheh!!

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  57 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. LOL, oh no! Please don’t tell our gang how fun it was to bite off those flowers. Our mom has lots of African violet plants. . . .

  2. I had a kitty who dearly loved Babies Breath in flower arrangements. I have a good idea how unhappy your mommy was!

    I’d try Bitter Apple to keep you from biting off the violet blooms. However, violets don’t like water on their leaves. Maybe she can use a small paintbrush and paint the liquid on the buds and blooms.

  3. Hey friends! We have an award for you so please stop by to pick it up xx

  4. That is very beautiful flower.
    I hope your house garden more and more beautiful.

  5. Humans don’t understand when something BEGS to get bit! I”m glad your tummy didn’t get upset by biting them!


  6. I hope you didn’t hork up a furball with a flower center.

  7. Can she be sure it was you? I am unclear as to why humans leave nommies around if not for our enjoyment.


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