Oct 132014
Mancats - Happy Birthday to the Mom

Hey, Ernie!  It’s the mom’s bithday today. She’s like a bazillion years old now. Yeah, Wally…that’s the only reason why I’m wearing this silly hat. Well, it’s virtual, Ernie…so you’re not really wearing it. I know, Wally…I wish those balloons weren’t virtual though. I’d like to sink my claws into them! Happy Birthday to the [read more]

Feb 162014
Easy E Sunday...with Zoey!

Hey, everybuddy…Ernie here! I’m interrupting my Easy E Sunday with a Special Announcement! It’s Zoey’s Gotcha Day! Ta da! It’s hard to believe it’s been 6 years since you got gotted, Zoey. I know, Ernie.  But I never forget where I came from. I remember spending most of my time during that cold, snowy winter inside [read more]

Oct 132013
Easy E's Happy Birthday Sunday

Today is the mom’s birthday.  She’s like elebenty billion years old.  I asked her what she wanted me to get her for her birthday.  And she said “Ernie, I don’t want to get anything…how about I give something instead?” Well, I think that’s a pretty cool idea…mainly because I don’t have to get the mom [read more]

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