Mar 222017
Things Around Your Home That Are Poisonous to Cats

Hi guys. Today I wanna take some time out for a Public Service Announcement. Did you know that this week, March 19-25, is National Poison Prevention Week? And while there’s a lot done to educate parents about poison prevention for children, we shouldn’t forget that pets are just as vunerable. Us cats, being the curious [read more]

Mar 152017
What's That Wally Doing?

There’s worker guys in the room down below. The mom says they’re painting. I wanna go down there and help them but the mom won’t let me. I don’t know why…I know those worker guys need snoopervising…and I’m a great snoopervisor. I have lots of experience. Like when the living room was being painted. I [read more]

Feb 222017
What's That that...Chip & Slim Doing?

Hey guys. I know this is my day to let you all know what I’m doing, but honestly, I haven’t been doing much…just a lot of napping, eating, playing, being antagonized by Ernie…y’know…same ol’ same ol’. So today I’m turning the blog over to Chip and Slim…our garden center cats. Let’s see what they’re doing. [read more]

Feb 082017
What WAS That Wally Doing?

Hey guys! It’s been awhile since I’ve done a flashback, so let’s go back in time… 4 years to be exact…to February 8, 2012 (uhhh…that’s 5 years!) and see what I was doing. * * * Hmmmm… I coulda swore this is the cupboard where the mom keeps the treats but I don’t see them. [read more]

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