Easy E Sunday

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Feb 152015
Easy E Sunday

Grrrrrr…kill it…kill it…kill it… chomp…chomp…kill it…grrrrrrrr…. Huh?  Whazzat?!?   Okay…I’ll stop long enough to have my picture taken. How’s this? Now can I get back to killing my Sukiroo toy?? Hey, everybuddy…make sure you visit us tomorrow. It’s a special day for one of us here! Share Us!

Jul 012014
Tuesday Toysday

  Hi everybuddy!  Ernie here! Me and Wally are playing with one of our favorite toys…the Neko Fly! Who do you think will deaded it first? Thanks to everybuddy who came by yesterday for our Pet Naturals of Vermont Hairball chews giveaway.  We’ll be sending 2 packages of the chews to: Amy J Marg Judi [read more]

Oct 072011
Formerly Feral - Tunnel Hiding

Sshhhh!! Don’t tell Ernie I’m in here, okay??  I’m hiding from him!! He’ll never find me in here! Because if I can’t see him, he can’t see me…right? Right??? Share Us!

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