Jan 072018
Easy E's Keeping Warm Selfie Sunday

Hey guys! Y’know…when it’s as cold as it’s been here lately, you can usually find me hanging out in one particular spot in the house. Can you guess where that is? Yep…right next to the hot air blowin’ thingy. I’ll sit here for hours. It’s really warm! Though the mom says I’m blocking the heat [read more]

Dec 312017
Easy E's New Year's Eve Selfie Sunday

Hey guys! It’s New Year’s Eve! Wow, where did this year go? I’ve heard humans say time flies when you’re having fun…so we must be having LOTS of fun! We’re still tallying up the results of our Blogoversary commentathon and will announce the results tomorrow. There’s still time for you to get in on it [read more]

Dec 242017
Easy E's Christmas Eve Selfie Sunday

Hey guys! Yep, I’m under the Christmas tree again. I’m on Santa Watch. I’m gonna wait here until Santa Paws shows up. So while I wait…I took this selfie…my “under-the-tree-waiting-for-the-Big-Guy-in-red-to-show-up” selfie. Oh yeah…it won’t be long now! Merry Christmas Eve! I hope that tomorrow morning you find everything you wish for under your tree. I’m pawticipating in the Cat on [read more]

Dec 172017
Easy E's Selfie with Fake Elf on the Shelf Sunday

Hi guys! Y’know…Zoey wasn’t kidding when she said under the tree has become the most popular spot in the house lately. Ever since this tree went up, you can find one of us under here. It’s my turn now…and I thought that I’d take my selfie while I had the chance. Unfortunately, an unwanted visitor [read more]

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