Feb 262017
Easy E's Not-Photobombed Selfie Sunday

So here I was…sitting on the windowseat…getting ready to take my selfie…when this happened… Photobombed by an orange tail! Get outta here, Wally! I gotta take my selfie and I don’t want any part of you in it! Whew…that was close! Okay…he’s gone now and this is my not-photobombed selfie. I’m pawticipating in The Cat [read more]

Feb 052017
Easy E's Kitten Bowl and Super Bowl Selfie Sunday

Let’s see…chips…check…drinks…check…TV remote…check. Looks like I’m ready for the BIG game today. That’s right. I’m ready for the Kitten Bowl! Wait…you thought I meant the Super Bowl? Heck no! Who wants to watch a bunch of humans running around crashing into each other when you can watch cute kittens running around and crashing into each [read more]

Jan 222017
Easy E's Blooper Selfies Sunday

Hi guys. Y’know…taking a great selfie isn’t easy. Sometimes it’s hard to get the flashy box into position for the purrfect shot. Lemme show you and share some of my blooper selfies. This isn’t a good way to start off. I’m not all in the picture and it’s out of focus. Blooper! Well, the focus [read more]

Jan 152017
Easy E's Shadowless Selfie Sunday

I don’t know who this guy on the wall is, but he’s not taking a selfie with me for today. I told him he couldn’t and y’know what? He disappeared! Just like that. Interestingly, the sun disappeared at the same time. Coincidence? I wonder… So with him gone and not distracting me, I could focus [read more]

Dec 182016
Easy E's Fake Santa Paws Selfie Sunday

The other day I was hanging out under the Christmas tree with Santa Paws. Okay…I know this isn’t the real Santa Paws…he’s just a fake one. So I asked fake Santa Paws if he wanted to take a selfie with me. And he said yeah, he did. He’s quite the friendly guy, y’know. So we [read more]

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