Mar 142014
Formerly Feral - Sitting Pretty

Hi everybuddy.  The lady with the yellow hair says when I sit like this, I’m sitting pretty.  She’s right, y’know.  I’m sitting…and I’m pretty.  I’m sitting pretty.  Teehee.   I’m excited ’cause I get to tell you about another award we got.  It’s a new one from Patchy Meow over at Catnip Corner.  Thanks for [read more]

Mar 122014
What's That Wally Doing?

  Hey everybuddy.  I’m taking it easy today after all that celebrating we did for Ernie’s Gotcha Day.  He’s sleeping it off somewhere…that boy sure knows how to party!  By the way, he wanted me to thank all of you for the nice Gotcha Day wishes. Since I’m taking it easy…this is a good opportunity [read more]

Jan 062014
Mancats - Ears to Awards!

Hey everybuddy!  Wally here!  Ears to you!   😉 And ears to our buddy, Texas, over at Texas, a Cat in…Austin, for giving us some awards the other day.  Now we haven’t been the best at posting the awards that we’ve received.  We blame the mom…she’s really bad at keeping track of those things.  We told [read more]

Oct 112013
Formerly Feral - An Award for Me

Hey everybuddy!  I got another award!  Oh yeah…I got the award and not those stoopid boycats that live here.  It’s from Willow over at the Cherry City Kitties.  Did you know that Willow and her brothers and sisters are Mitten Kittens like us Island Cats?  That’s right. We all live in Michigan which is also [read more]

Jan 142013
Mancats - Next Big Thing

::lickity lickity lickity::   Jeez, Wally…enough with the washing! I’m trying to sleep here!   But Ernie…I gotta look good! We got a new award…in fact, we got it three times…   We’re The Next Big Thing!   Wally, with the way you’ve been eating lately… chowing all your food down and then stealing mine… the [read more]

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