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Sometimes I think the world looks better this way.


Hey, everybuddy!  Don’t forget to enter our photo captioning contest in celebration of National Hairball Awareness Day this coming Friday.  Whoever comes up with the best caption will win some cool stuff from the FURminator peoples.  Click HERE to see the photo and for more contest details.


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Hey everybuddy!  Ernie here.  Y’know what day this Friday is?  It’s National Hairball Awareness Day!  So this week, us Island Cats are joining with the nice peoples from FURminator to spread the word about the dangers of hairballs and how to prevent them.


Here’s a familiar site…most of you have yakked up a few of these yourselves, right? (Humans, don’t look if you get squeamish!)


I think this is your handiwork…right, Wally?

Yep, Ernie.  One of my finer creations, I must say.
Pretty gross, huh?

Here’s some hairball facts we’d like to share with all of you.
Did you know…

  • Hairball problems are naturally common in cats because of our self-grooming habits.  Our rough tongues are made to clean ourselves thoroughly and, as a result, we swallow a lot of hair.
  • Us cats spend 30% of our lives grooming, and up to 2/3 of the hair we shed can be swallowed as we groom.
  • Hairballs aren’t just a messy inconvenience, but can be a sign of discomfort and can lead to problems like vomiting, constipation or diarrhea, intestinal obstructions and loss of appetite.
  • The most important and effective way to prevent hairballs from forming is frequent grooming to remove the dead undercoat before we can swallow it.
  • Traditional hairball treatments like laxative supplements and special diet foods work on the problem after the hair has already entered our bodies.  A FURminator deShedding tool PREVENTS hairball problems by preventing the hair from getting into our bodies in the first place.
  • Being FURminated for just 10 minutes twice a week gently removes 90% of the loose hair.  It’s a safe, effective and non-evasive way to prevent hairballs from forming before they cause serious problems.

That’s some good info, Wally, but enough of the serious stuff.  Let’s have some fun! To celebrate National Hairball Awareness Day, we’re having a photo caption contest. Leave in the comments your funniest or cutest caption for this photo.

Image C

Whoever submits the winning caption, as selected by the FURminator peoples, will win a FURminator grooming kit filled with several FURminator products including the new Shed Control Cloths.  You have until this Thursday at 12:00 noon (Island time) in which to submit your caption.  Unfortunately, only those in the U.S. or Canada are eligible for the contest (FURminator peoples’ rules, not ours).  Zoey will announce the winner on Friday…National Hairball Awareness Day.

C’mon…get creative!  That cat in the middle looks like he has something funny to say, doesn’t he?  Let’s see those funny or cute captions!  Good luck!

Now for the disclaimer:  We received some FURminator products for free when we agreed to participate in this National Hairball Awareness Day campaign, but that’s all we received.


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Well, here we go again!  Me in the funny bunny ears.  I don’t know why I expected this year to be different.  I’m hoping there’s some nip eggs in this Easter basket.  And some real chicken would be nice, too…not this silly virtual one sitting next to me. That would make this embarrassment more bearable.

Happy Easter!  I hope your day is funny bunny ear-free!


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Me and my purple mousie are gonna spend a quiet weekend under here.

Oh, don’t worry, mousie…you’re safe.

I’m too sleepy to lick all your furs off.


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Hey everybuddy!  This was me…just a few days ago.  It was warm…temperatures in the 70s…the sun was shining…and I was enjoying my first window whiffies of Spring. Oh yeah…it was glorious!

And then…yesterday morning…I woke up to this







Not funny, Mother Nature…not funny at all!

Now bring Spring back…



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Hey everybuddy!  Ernie here!  Have you met our furiend, Alice Marie?  Her human makes the most pawsome catnip toys and sells them in her Esty store called Pacific Cat Toys.  She asked if me and Wally would like to try one out and let all of you know what we think of it.  Was there any doubt that we would say YES?!?

We received the Big Blue Whale.  What impressed us the most about Big Blue is how well-made he is from eco-friendly felt.  He’s a good size, too.  No puny cat toy for us!



What do you think of Big Blue, Wally?

Ernie, Big Blue smells nipilicous!



But let’s see if he’s got what it takes

to withstand my powerful claws and teefs!



Whoohoo!  Big Blue is a lot of fun!

He sure can take a kickin’!



And a lickin’!


He tastes nippy…not fishy!



I love you, Big Blue.



Check out Pacific Cat Toys’ Etsy store to get your own Big Blue Whale or other fun catnip toy!  There’s quite a variety from small toys to large all reasonably priced.

Thanks, Alice Marie and your human, for giving us this opportunity to review Big Blue!

Now for the disclaimer:  We got the Big Blue Whale for free when we agreed to do this review, but that’s all we got and it didn’t influence our opinion one bit.


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This is supposed to be easy Sunday

but that flashy box in my face

is not making it easy for me

to get my easy on.