Dec 152017

The most popular spot in the house

Hi everybuddy. Since the big tree went up inside the house, under it has become the most popular spot to be. Right now, I’ve laid claim to it…and I don’t plan on moving anytime soon. Those boycats better not get any ideas of trying to take it from me either.

Has under the tree become a popular spot in your house, too?

Cube Giveaway

Hey! It’s LAST CALL for entering our giveaway for a Smiling Paws Pets 2-in-1 Cat Cube and Bed. You have until midnight tonight…island time…to enter. Don’t miss out! Click HERE for details and to enter.

And don’t forget our 15% discount off of your entire Smiling Paws Pets order now through January 9, 2018. Use the discount code IslandCat15.

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Dec 132017
What's That Wally Doing?

All I want for Christmas is a belly-rubbin’! There’s still time to enter our giveaway to win a Smiling Paws Pets 2-in-1 Cat Cube and Bed. Click HERE for the details and to enter. And we’re offering a 15% discount off of your entire order from Smiling Paws Pets. Use the discount code IslandCats15. This [read more]

Dec 102017
Easy E's Dangling for the Birds Selfie Sunday

Hey guys! Here’s my selfie for today. I’m doing the dangle! Pretty good, huh? Hey, I got something to tell you…something that happened yesterday. We got a little bit of snow…not much…but it was the first sticking snow of the season. Yesterday afternoon, I was looking out the window at our backyard and I saw [read more]

Dec 082017
Smiling Paws Pets 2-in-1 Cat Cube and Bed

Hi everybuddy. It’s me…Zoey. Y’know…most of us cats love the feeling of being enclosed in something. It makes us feel safe and secure. That’s why we love boxes and bags and other small enclosed spaces. I know I love being inside my kitty condo…or as I call it, my Hidey Hole. So I was really [read more]

Nov 292017
What's That Wally Doing?

Hey guys. It’s that time of year again. Time for the mom to start decorating for the holidays. It’s a big job and I know she’s gonna need my assistance. I’m resting up so I’ll be ready to help her deck those halls and every place else. That big tree that gets decorated with all [read more]

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