Apr 232018

Wally wastes no time checking out the swag

Hey guys. Wally here. The mom wasn’t home from the BlogPaws conference more than a hour before I found the Bag o’ Swag and began to check everything out. Oh My Cod! This bag is stuffed full! And y’know what? I smell lots of catnip!

C’mon, Ernie! Let’s show everybuddy what’s in the bag.

BlogPaws 2018 swag bag

Whaddaya think, Ernie?

Wally, I’m impressed with all this loot! Lots of toys and foods and some things to keep us healthy, too. Hey, look! There’s a Yeoww nip nanner! Whoa! That’s some powerful smelling nip!

You better not slobber up that nip nanner, Ernie! Y’know what? This isn’t even all of the swag. The mom gave some of it away to Miss Jenny from As the World Purrs for her foster kittens.

Well, I guess that’s okay. Not only did we get BlogPaws swag, some of our blogging friends gave us mini-swag bags, too.

We wanna thank all the brands and sponsors that were at the BlogPaws conference for the cool stuff they gave us. And we wanna thank our friends for the mini-swag bags. There’s so much…we’re still checking it all out. Of course, anything with nip gets extra attention.

Once again, we’re gonna put together a cool swag bag prize package and have a giveaway. One of our readers will win their very own BlogPaws Bag o’ Swag. It’ll be coming up in the next week or two. So stay tuned for that!

Apr 222018
Easy E's Special Guest Selfie Sunday

Hey guys! Ernie here. We’re back! Did you miss us? I bet you did. The mom got home from the BlogPaws conference yesterday. She must have had a great time because she was too tired to help me with a selfie for today. Yeah…she had waaaay too much fun with all the other cat-blogging humans. [read more]

Apr 182018
What's That Ernie Doing?

If I sit on it, she can’t pack it. And if she can’t pack it, she can’t go anywhere. Right?? Well, guys…today the mom is heading off to the annual BlogPaws conference again…this time in Kansas City, MO. It’s the 10th anniversary of the BlogPaws conference…though the mom has only attended 7 of them. We’re [read more]

Apr 162018
You're Tickling My Belly!

Wally! Dude…wake up! You’re snoring and it’s tickling my belly. A note from the Island Cat Mom: Seriously…how can Wally sleep like this? I’ve seen him sleeping in some of the strangest positions. And he does snore sometimes. Does your cat…or your dog…sleep in weird positions, too? Share Us!FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+StumbleUponTumblremail

Apr 152018
Easy E's Rainy Day Selfie Sunday

Oh my cod, you guys. The nice weather we had the past couple of days is gone…and it’s morphed into torrential rains now. It’s been raining non-stop all weekend. And it’s cold, too. I guess these are the April showers those weather peoples are always talking about.  Oh I know…I’m an inside cat and I really [read more]

Snug as a Bug

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Apr 132018
Snug as a Bug

I’m snug as a bug in…no…not a rug…a hammick! Y’know…that orange stripey cat isn’t the only one that loves sleeping in the hammick. I love mine, too. And this is where I plan to spend a lot of my weekend…if not all of it. What will you being doing this weekend? Share Us!FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+StumbleUponTumblremail

Apr 112018
What's That Wally Doing?

Hey guys. I know you can’t see it or feel it but ♫ ♪ The heat is on…the heat is on, yeah…the heat is on ♪ ♫ And lemme tell ya…it feels good! Being that it’s almost the middle of April, having the heat on is kinda unusual. But these might be the last few [read more]

Apr 092018
Hard Working Garden Center Cats

Hey guys! Ernie here.  Y’know…we haven’t featured the garden center cats, Chip and Slim, lately…so today I thought I’d let you know what they’ve been doing. Now that it’s spring…though it sure is taking its sweet ol’ time showing itself if you ask me…there’s been a lot of activity going on at the garden center [read more]

Apr 082018
Easy E's Protecting the Tissue Paper Selfie Sunday

Hey guys. Do you see what I’m sitting on? It’s the tissue paper from Christmas. I bet you guys are surprised that we still have it. Well, the mom is now threatening to throw it away but I’m not gonna let her do that. Yeah, it’s pretty torn up and not much of it is [read more]

Apr 062018
Footsie Friday - Fun Facts About a Cat's Paws

Don’t I have cute feet? But y’know…not only are they cute…my paws are quite fascinating…and an engineering marvel. I thought I’d share some fun and interesting facts about a cat’s paws with you today. Us cats walk and run on our tiptoes. This is called digitigrade. It gives us the ability to run with spurts [read more]

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