An Exciting Time!

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Jan 202017

Hi everybuddy! I had some excitement the other day. Lemme tell you what happened.

It was a day just like any other day. I was sitting here on the bed looking out the window watching the world go by like I do most every day.

When all of a sudden, this big fat squirrel…this very one…jumped right on the window. Right on it! Right in front of my face! And he stayed there…looking in at me.

The lady with the yellow hair saw him, too. She couldn’t believe it and ran to get the camera. But when she got back the squirrel had jumped down. So there’s no actual photographic evidence of it…only these pictures of him afterwards. Sorry ’bout the quality…the lady with the yellow hair took them through the window.

We waited to see if he would come back but he ran off.

I don’t know what that squirrel was trying to do. But it was a pretty exciting time for me! I hope he comes back and does it again. Do you think he will?

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