Dec 112017

What do we have here?

Hey Wally…what do we have here?

It’s our Christmas cards for this year, Ernie. The mom had them made and they came in the mail the other day.

I'm looking good!

Wow! It looks great! Of course, I’m the best looking Island Cat. You and Zoey…eh…you’re okay, I guess.

The mom better get these cards sent out

Don’t be so sure about that, Wally. Everybuddy knows black cats are the best looking cats.

So what’s the mom waiting for? She better hurry up and get these cards sent out. Christmas will be here before you know it. We’re already getting cards from our friends. We don’t wanna be late with ours.

The mom needs our help

Obviously she needs our help, Ernie.

Wally…sticking your head in the box isn’t helping!

How do you know, Ernie? Try it and see!

I'm not falling for that trick

Um…okay. Hey, waydaminit! I’m not falling for that trick…getting my head stuck in here and looking stupid. Now go find me a pen. I’ll get these cards sent out.

Ernie, you’re a cat. You do know you can’t write, don’tcha?

Well then…I can lick the envelopes! *slurp*

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