May 282017

Say hello to Flat Basil

Hi guys! Today I’ve got a guest taking a selfie with me. Do you recognize him? It’s Flat Basil…from one of our favorite blogs, Basil the Bionic Cat.

When the mom was at BlogPaws, she finally got to meet the human that is owned by Basil and the rest of the gang…the lovely Miss Cathrine who came all the way from jolly ol’ England to be there.

The mom and Cathrine

Nah, this isn’t a selfie of the mom and Miss Cathrine, but we thought we’d share this with you anyway. Yep, that’s stuffed Basil that Miss Cathrine is holding.

We wanted Basil to come visit our island…but since it’s not really possible to have the real Basil here, Flat Basil agreed to fill in for him. Over the summer, we’re gonna take Flat Basil sightseeing around our island and other places in our area, and we’ll be sharing his adventures with you.

Ernie with Flat Basil

Does that sound like fun, Flat Basil?

Hey, I like you. You’re quiet and you don’t try to steal my food or toys. But you’re taking up way too much space here on my mini cat tree. Guest or not…you better move over, buddy, before you end up on the floor.

Me and Flat Basil are pawticipating in
The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfies Blog Hop.
To join the Hop or to see other selfies click HERE!

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